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Today at 04:48AM
Court rejects re-trial for man convicted in 1971 killing

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A man convicted of killing an 18-year-old New Hampshire woman more than four decades won't get a new trial.

Today at 03:42AM
3 plead not guilty to Medicaid fraud

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - Three people have pleaded not guilty to Medicaid fraud, related to claims made in providing care to a disabled adult.

Today at 03:05AM
Balsams gets permission to withdraw water for snowmaking

DIXVILLE, N.H. (AP) - Developers planning to restore a historic resort in the economically distressed North Country have received permission from the state to withdraw water from the Androscoggin River for snowmaking activities.

Today at 02:36AM
Rescuers use trail in Canada to get to injured hiker

PITTSBURG, N.H. (AP) - Rescuers say they saved time by using a trail in Canada to get to an injured hiker on Shatney Mountain in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, less than half a mile from United States Port of Entry.

Today at 01:06AM
Police: 1 killed, 1 injured in head-on car crash on highway

RICHMOND, Vt. (AP) - Authorities say one person has died in a head-on car crash on Interstate 89 in Vermont.

Today at 01:03AM
Prep school graduate to stand trial in rape case

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - The lawyer for a New Hampshire prep school graduate accused of sexually assaulting a freshman last year says they plan to go to trial.

Today at 12:09AM
Former University Cop Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Motorist

A white former university police officer pleaded not guilty Thursday to murdering black motorist Samuel DuBose, whose shooting death after a traffic stop was captured on video and became the latest killing…

Today at 12:09AM
Subtypes of Prostate Cancer Identified

Through genomic profiling of 259 men with prostate cancer, scientists have identified five groups of prostate cancer with distinct DNA signatures. The discovery represents a major advance, as researchers…

Today at 12:09AM
Olympic Waters Contaminated

Rio de Janeiro -- Sailors and other athletes preparing for the Olympics have been training for months in contaminated waters where the Rio Games will be held. Many believe moving events now would put them…

Today at 12:09AM
How Realistic Is 'Proof?' Ask a Real Near-Death Researcher

How realistic is your favorite paranormal TV drama? Fans didn't seem to waste much time wondering how realistic the smoke monster of Lost was -- or quibbling that parallel universes never really collide…

Today at 12:09AM
Man Stabs 6 People at Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

Jerusalem -- Revelers dancing and singing through the streets of Jerusalem during the holy city's annual gay pride parade were left shrieking in pain and panic Thursday night, as an anti-gay extremist…

Today at 12:09AM
Vt. Inmates Unhappy in New Prison

Montpelier -- Less than a month after Vermont's out-of-state inmates were moved from a private prison in Kentucky to one in Michigan, prisoner complaints range from limited TV programming to unattended…

Today at 12:09AM
Dems Consider Event Namesakes

Concord -- Democratic parties in the three states that start the presidential nominating process are exploring ending their association with two former White House occupants: Thomas Jefferson and Andrew…

Today at 12:09AM
Tunbridge Rape Suspect To Stand Trial

Concord -- On the eve of a final plea deadline, the lawyer for a St. Paul's School graduate accused of raping an underclassman last year said they plan to go to trial. "We expect that this case will be…

Today at 12:09AM
U.S. Troops Will Have More Arms

Washington -- Defense Secretary Ashton Carter will allow more U.S. troops to be armed while stateside and called for other security measures to be put in place following the attack in Chattanooga, Tenn.,…

Today at 12:09AM
U.S. Economy Sees Small Spring Rebound

Washington -- The U.S. economy isn't moving at warp speed, but it looks like it will be strong enough to handle an expected interest rate increase later this year. Fueled by solid consumer spending,…

Today at 12:09AM
Wing Part Could Solve Malaysia Jet Mystery

Beijing -- Investigators in France are preparing to examine a barnacle-encrusted piece of a Boeing 777 found this week on a remote Indian Ocean island, hoping to resolve at least some of the mystery surrounding…

Today at 12:09AM
'D' for Democracy in Granite State

Concord -- New Hampshire's democracy just brought home its report card -- and it's full of D's and F's, according to a report released Thursday by Open Democracy, a New Hampshire organization working to…

Today at 12:09AM
Power Struggle: Temps Strain Grid

Concord -- There was once a time when New Hampshire's peak electricity use came in winter, but the decline in electric heating and the rise of air conditioning has changed that: Now it's summer heatwaves…

Today at 12:09AM
Kidney Transplant Method Explored

Allowing brain-dead organ donors' body temperatures to fall slightly after brain death -- rather than following the accepted protocol of keeping donors warmed to a normal body temperature -- resulted in…

Today at 12:09AM
Local & Regional Briefs for Friday, July 31, 2015

University Removes 'Bias-Free Language Guide' From Website Durham, n.h. -- The University of New Hampshire has removed from its website a "bias-free language guide" that warned against using the word…