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16 minutes ago
Vermont governor declares July "Lakes Appreciation Month"

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - Gov. Peter Shumlin has declared July 2015 as "Lakes Appreciation Month."

35 minutes ago
New Hampshire officials say fireworks ignited house fire

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) - Fire officials in Nashua, New Hampshire, say fireworks set fire to the roof of a home there early Sunday morning.

Today at 09:38AM
Burlington holds watch party for US final match in World Cup

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - The mayor and the city of Burlington are inviting soccer fans to cheer on the U.S. in its final match in the Women's World Cup.

Today at 09:32AM
On gas, nuclear, hydro, Vermont ducks energy problems

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - Vermont is proud of its environmental ethic and often gives a bumpy ride to nuclear, natural gas and other energy companies. But its energy usage still takes advantage of technologies that often draw criticism from environmental groups.

Today at 08:44AM
Clinton reaches out (and out and out!) for 2016 policy ideas

WASHINGTON (AP) - Earlier this year, Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign lost count of its experts.

Today at 08:38AM
Dartmouth contests showcase computer-generated creativity

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Can an algorithm pass for an author? Can a robot rock the house? A series of contests at Dartmouth College is about to find out.

Today at 01:32AM
America celebrates Independence Day with fireworks, parades

Americans celebrated 239 years as an independent nation on Saturday with extravagant fireworks displays, rock and classical concerts and parades both big and small. Here were some highlights of Independence Day festivities around the nation:

Today at 01:17AM
Hand-Held Devices Banned

Following in Vermont's footsteps, New Hampshire last week put in place a law that makes it illegal for drivers to hold a cellphone to their ear while driving, a measure both states hope will cut down on…

Today at 01:17AM
Social Security Q&A: Will Same-Sex Couple Qualify for Benefits?

Question: My same-sex partner and I recently married. Will we qualify for Social Security benefits? Answer: You may be eligible to apply for Social Security benefits. Many factors affect your eligibility…

Today at 01:17AM
Three Times Is the Charm: Run, Run, Run to the Top of Mt. Ascutney

Not everyone would call running 21 miles up and down a mountain "fun," "stimulating" or "really nice." Yet that's how the handful of people who summited Mount Ascutney three times in a row last weekend…

Today at 01:17AM
How to Keep Pets' Weight in Check

Garfield is not the only fat cat around. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 50 percent of the nation's cats and dogs are overweight. And just as concerning, more than 90…

Today at 01:17AM
Boomers Question Place For Pets in Retirement

Los Angeles -- Denise and John Stevens have had pets their whole lives -- then they retired. "After our last dog passed away, we decided not to get another one. We like the freedom from worrying about…

Today at 01:17AM
Rent Subsidies at Risk at More Area Apartments

Charlestown -- Tenants in Pine Tree Lane Apartments in West Lebanon are not the only New Hampshire residents in danger of seeing their homes become unaffordable because of the impending loss of rental…

Today at 01:17AM
The Ins and Outs Of Driveway Alarms

Just like a security light attached to a motion sensor, a driveway alarm uses a wired or wireless sensor to inform you when someone has walked or driven onto your driveway. A few Angie's List experts…

Today at 01:17AM
At the Hospitals: July 5, 2015

Focus Group Participants Sought For End-of-Life Care Study Springfield, Vt. -- Focus groups participants are needed to help with a statewide study of Vermonter's experiences with end-of-life care. The…

Today at 01:17AM
Column: A Gun Owner Who Detests the NRA

Some time after I bought my first gun, I got a robocall from the National Rifle Association, asking me to join. After the customary "Please stay on the line . . ." from a pleasant but earnest voice, I…

Today at 01:17AM
Shelby Lyman on Chess: Meeting His Waterloo

Hint and Explanation: First, Pin Down the King Monarchs and military leaders -- Peter the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Robert E. Lee among them -- have shown an affinity for the board game called chess. It…

Today at 01:17AM
Randall Balmer: The War on Tenure

Having crippled Wisconsin's public employee unions and survived a recall effort, Scott Walker, the state's governor and a presumptive presidential candidate, has now set his eyes on curtailing tenure at…

Today at 01:17AM
Column: Supreme Court Justices Are Torn Between Restraint and Intervention

Washington W hen the Supreme Court convened in 1967 to decide the case of Loving vs. Virginia, 16 Southern states had made it a crime for interracial couples to marry. The trial judge who convicted…

Today at 01:17AM
Money Talk: How to Deal With Collections

Question: I am trying to help my daughter deal with enormous student loans. She is a doctor and very busy and simply cannot deal with the stress of almost $350,000 of education debt. I want to help her…

Today at 01:17AM
Consumer Confidential: Warning About Cellphone Radiation May Go Too Far

It's a question that just won't go away: Do cellphones give you cancer? The city of Berkeley, Calif., has passed an ordinance that, beginning this month, would make it the first municipality in the country…

Today at 01:17AM
Bound for Quebec? Don't Worry About the Language Barrier

Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec -- During weeks of travel in parts of Quebec where few speak much English, I encountered only one problem arising from the language barrier. It happened when I broke into a…

Today at 01:17AM
Flight 93 Center Opens Sept. 10

Shanksville, Pa. -- A $26 million visitors center complex at the Flight 93 National Memorial will be dedicated and open to the public Sept. 10, a day before the 14th anniversary of the terror attacks.…

Today at 01:17AM
USDA Proposes Healthier Fare

Kansas City, Mo. -- As teachers lament seeing toddlers too large to fit in playground swings, a federal program that feeds millions of low-income children may be overhauled for the first time in almost…