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Letter: Bipartisan Responsibility for Debt

To the Editor:

Bill Tate charges me with being “no different from other Republicans” (“How We Got Into This Mess,” Nov. 1.) If he had seen my talk and Q&A at Kendal, he’d know that I pin the blame for dangerously accumulating national debt on both parties. Republican borrow-and-spend budgets are just as harmful as Democrat tax-borrow-and-spend budgets.

While the past is written, those now serving in Congress have the power to fix the debt accumulation crisis. During her nearly five years in office, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has failed to propose a single substantive solution.

Tate correctly charges past Republican administrations with engaging in unfunded wars. While the past is written, I sharply differ with Shaheen’s vote on Sept. 4 on the Foreign Relations Committee to launch a bombing war against Syria, knowing the cost in American lives and treasure of our failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have offered detailed proposals to restore long-term economic growth so that young people have sufficient access to living-wage jobs and so that all workers can again earn enough to save and retire. To stimulate domestic job formation in the borderless world economy, I’ve proposed specific means to reduce taxes on wages and capital investment, simplify the tax code, reduce the nation’s projected long-term debt, reduce health care costs and streamline over-complex regulations.

I have also proposed a revenue-neutral carbon tax, the proceeds from which would reduce both payroll and corporate taxes, effective rates for which are now higher than those in competing industrial nations. Few economists doubt that this would reduce carbon pollution and increase jobs and capital investment. All else being equal, companies locate production facilities and jobs in jurisdictions where tax burdens are lower.

I have also proposed that all federal energy subsides be phased out and the savings used to increase funding for pre-commercial energy research and development and for home-weatherization programs so that low-income households can better afford heating and cooling.

Detailed specifics can be found at my website, JimRubens.com.

Jim Rubens

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate



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