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Writers List Their Top Five

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This week, we publish writing in response to prompts: Top 5: Make a list of your top 5 anything; and general writing.

Next Prompt: Color. Create a new color — name it, describe it. Where do we find it? Alternates: Early. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Which way is better? Or Photo 9. Due April 18.

Top 5

The top five things on my bucket list:

1) Make a difference in the world.

2) Live for a while out of a van, ideally a Volkswagen camper, but realistically more like a minivan converted to a camper.

3) Live on a sailboat in the Caribbean for a while.

4) Travel to as many places as possible

5) Go heli-skiing in lots and lots of powder.

1) A rhythmic purr of a cat, that rolls off the fur with a beautiful rumble, which can indicate anything…

2) The smell of a cozy fire crackling in a house in the winter.

3) Walking along the beach with bare feet, running in the waves with water spraying in my face and the wind blowing.

4) When it is pouring rain outside and I can hear the steady, resounding pitter-pat on the ceiling, while I lie comfortably inside, cozy with a cat and an old favorite book. Mine is The Penderwicks. 

5) Eating homemade chocolate-covered toffee with peanuts in it.

General writing

The sun glimmers on the gray scales of stones,

The snow covers in a dull coat of white,

Some robins pull out the slimy, dirty, pink worms.

Sun is scarce on the Vermont mountain tops,

Pink like a Florida grapefruit at breakfast time.

The stones make a contrast to the pink color.

The blunt stones drip with melted snow and ice.

Beauty lurks within each piece of Vermont,

Crisp air and warm syrup, campfires and sunshine,

They are what calms down the city buzz within.

When work makes a man tired, home saves him.

A coarse stone is worth more than a diamond,

Here in the Green Mountains. Life never ceases,

Never stops to crawl out and show its green face!

You know what stresses me out the most? A test, when I can’t even answer the first question. Deep down, I know that the questions will gradually get harder and the fact that I can’t even answer the first question just mentally breaks me down. A little voice in my head just goes, “Looks like you’re gonna fail this test; don’t you wish you prepared more?”

But the fact is, I did prepare, and this question probably just took me by surprise. I mean, I’ve been through enough stress already worrying about this test and not being able to answer the very first question just adds to the stressfulness of a test.

I probably studied my butt off for this test; late night studying and all that, but yet, I’m not able to answer this simple first question. It’s almost always a simple question, and the answer just slips out of my mind. The answer is somewhere in my brain, but I just can’t locate it. I always feel so stupid, and what makes it worse is when the first question is the date.

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