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John Gregg: N.H. Pop Quiz For Brown

Massachusetts transplant Scott Brown issued a web video on Wednesday highlighting the fact that he and his wife, Gail, are traveling around New Hampshire as he explores a likely bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.

The Browns “will be traveling around this great state to introduce ourselves. To ask questions.

To speak with everyone, of every background, Republicans, Independents, Democrats alike. And above all, to listen and learn,” the former Bay State Republican senator said.

Since being a lawmaker from New Hampshire involves a lot more than photo ops at North Country candy stores, here are a few things Brown might want to learn, pronto.


1) How do you pronounce Lebanon?

2) What is the significance of the Claremont decision?

3) What did Clark Rockefeller and J.D. Salinger have in common?

4) Where exactly did J.D. Salinger live?

5) Why will Brown probably campaign at a maple sugar farm on Mount Cube in Orford?

6) Why was Craig Benson a disaster as governor for New Hampshire Republicans?

7) Why was Bill O’Brien a disaster as House speaker for New Hampshire Republicans?

8) What state did both Craig Benson and Bill O’Brien work in before New Hampshire?

9) Who is this guy Peter Burling, and why is he writing all these nasty letters about me?

10) What can I learn from Vermont’s Phil Scott and Jim Douglas?

11) What product is manufactured in Newport in large quantities?

12) What matters more — looking great on WMUR-TV or lining up newspaper endorsements in New Hampshire?

13) Who did the Union Leader endorse in the 2012 New Hampshire Republican presidential primary? Bonus question: Why did he finish fifth?

14) Multiple Choice: What New England states will the Northern Pass project really benefit with electricity:

a) New Hampshire

b) Massachusetts and Connecticut

c) Maine

d) New York

15) What is the best response when New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley puts out a press release criticizing me?

a) “Ray who?”

b) Ignore him

c) “I only respond to attacks from Kathy Sullivan.”

d) All of the above

16) How many statewide elections has Jeanne Shaheen, who is also a former governor, won in New Hampshire?

17) What New England state did Jack McMullen live in before moving to Vermont and losing to retired Tunbridge dairy farmer Fred Tuttle in a GOP Senate primary?


1) LEB-uh-nun;

2) N.H. Supreme Court decision said state is obliged to provide an adequate education for every child;

3) They both lived in Cornish;

4) None of your damn business;

5) To court the anti-tax Thomson clan, offspring of former Gov. Meldrim Thomson;

6) He alienated everyone in Concord in less than two years;

7) He alienated everyone in Concord in less than two years;

8) Massachusetts;

9) Burling is an actively partisan member of the Democratic National Committee.

10) The current Vermont lieutenant governor and the former governor are moderate Republicans who can be both substantive and appeal to voters on the campaign trail.

11) Guns at Sturm, Ruger;

12) Smile, senator;

13) Newt Gingrich; nobody but Union-Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid liked him;

14) B. Massachusetts and Connecticut. Drop out now if you said New York, which isn’t in New England.

15) D. Enough said.

16) Shaheen is 4-1 running statewide, not counting all the presidential candidates she has helped win in the New Hampshire primary.

17) Massachusetts.