Putnam Not Running For Claremont Board

Claremont — Long-time School Board member David Putnam has decided not to seek re-election in March at the annual school meeting.

“I’m not quite sure, but I think it has been 16 years,” said Putnam when asked how long he has served. “I think that is long enough and there are some others things I want to do in the city.”

Putnam is currently chairman of the Stevens High School Renovation Committee which is overseeing a $12.6 million project to bring the high school up to current building and safety codes as well as restore accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Though he will be leaving the board, Putnam said he wants to remain a member of the renovation committee.

He has also served on the City Center Project, which established several news zones and new regulations that were approved by the City Council last year. That group is now using a grant to develop recommendations for improvements in the city center’s B-2 business zone. Putnam also serves on the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

There are three seats open on the board in March 11 vote. Besides Putnam’s three-year term, a three-year seat held by Heather Irish and the final year on the three-year seat of Bob Picard. Picard was appointed last month to replace Gene Grumman, who resigned in November.

Picard, Thomas Brothers, Patrick Adrian and Rebecca Ferland are running for the three-year seats and Irish and Richard Madigan are running for the one-year seat. Adrian and Brothers had applied to fill Grumman’s seat.

On Wednesday, the School Board will hold its annual deliberative session beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Sugar River Valley Technical Center community room.

On the warrant is a $34 million budget, which represents and increase of about $1.2 million from this year. Most of the increase is for higher debt payments, salary increases and the position of athletic trainer. Also on the warrant is an article to spend $204,000 on technology.

Residents can amend either article Wednesday. The final warrant will be voted on March 11.