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Letter: Stop Promoting Animal Abuse

To the Editor:

I wish the Valley News had a policy of not publishing articles that promote animal abuse and misconceptions about animals that allow people to ignore their suffering. Henry Homeyer’s July 23 article about the circus made me cringe.

Circus animals spend their lives in cramped cages and chained up, and are forced to do unnatural acts. They are slaves. Their lives are made miserable so naïve people can enjoy the circus, believing the animals have fun. Many, many cities now forbid animal circuses because increasing numbers of citizens and civic leaders know that it is morally wrong to make money off the enslavement of other beings, including animals. You can go online and see undercover footage of what these animals endure: PETA and In Defense of Animals, among others, post videos of circus animals’ brutal training and living conditions.

Please consider an ethic of compassion as a guiding principle for the Valley News. Please do not cover and promote those activities that harm sentient beings, except to expose the brutality of the practice. Tradition, gain and enjoyment are not justifications for the abuse, suffering and death of others, including animals.

Margaret D. Hurley

Claremont and Rochester, N.Y.


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