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Letter: A Righteous Cause for the Tea Party

To the Editor:

Two recent Valley News articles illustrate ways in which Lebanon taxpayers are called upon to help others or be spared such sacrifices. One indicates that higher school taxes will not be imposed and that therefore the schools will need to meet their needs without additional funding. The other indicates that, once again, the Lebanon commercial air carrier is offering “cheap” air travel to try to get enough users to qualify for a $1 million federal subsidy, paid for by taxes. These two stories demonstrate three very clear conclusions.

First, that there appears to be more support for getting tax money so a handful of Upper Valley residents can save an hour of driving to Manchester to catch a flight than for getting tax money to help Lebanon schoolchildren.

Second, that while the schools continue each year to provide a wide benefit to the community by giving our kids a quality education, the Lebanon Airport’s commercial operations, which provide, at most, a very narrow benefit to only a few, continue to be a failure that survive only because of a federal handout funded by taxpayers.

Third, that it is time to consider increasing support for our public schools and pulling the plug on the Lebanon Airport’s wasteful and unnecessary commercial air operations.

What is most puzzling to me is why those strident Tea Party letter writers and their fellow travelers, who fill the Forum page with their objections to all social welfare programs such as affordable health care for everyone, have not chosen to complain about the huge waste of taxpayer money that keeps commercial air travel at the Lebanon Airport going? Could it be that it is they who are using that service for their own private benefit and do not mind if the rest of us subsidize them? I wonder.

Anthony Z. Roisman



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