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Letter: Keeping Plainfield’s Roads Clear

To the Editor:

I enjoyed the commentary by Steve Taylor about snow plowing in Plainfield, where I grew up (“Plowing the Roads — Then and Now,” Jan. 27). Actually, I grew up in the elegant, culturally superior Meriden end, where Taylor was lucky enough to move to once he grew up. My father, Ira, loved to plow snow, and always had a jeep with a V-plow on front. He plowed streets, driveways, the one sidewalk, in front of KUA and any other place that could use some clearing of snow. He totally loved making order out of chaos, snow-wise, and helping his friends to clear their driveways. As Taylor said, in those days there was no use of salt or sand. So we had great toboggan runs down the Brook Road, and often when we would head down to the village for breakfast at the school, I could “ski jour,” i.e. get towed by a rope while I enjoyed skiing to the village.

I have always enjoyed Steve Taylor’s articles and am glad to see him gracing the pages of your fine newspaper. Thanks also for the recent article about my dad’s contribution to the ski scene in town. He turned 93 about the time that Aimee Caruso’s article was published, and I am sure that it made his day.

Jim Townsend



Plowing the Roads — Then and Now

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