Forum, May 6: Time for Impeachment

Friday, May 05, 2017
Time for Impeachment

Donald Trump’s incoherent rambling during his May 1 interview with a reporter from CBS and his continued delusion (or deliberate lies) about being “wiretapped’’ by former President Obama demonstrate his unsoundness of mind and his incapacity to function as president of the United States of America. He is a danger to this country and to stability in the whole world.

Republicans in Congress are shirking their responsibility by not joining with Democrats to effect the impeachment of this incompetent president immediately.

Alice Morrison

Newbury, Vt.

Hanover’s Energy Opportunity

On Tuesday, Hanover residents will have the opportunity to vote on a town-wide commitment to transition our community to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. Supported by the Hanover Selectboard and the Sustainable Hanover Town Committee, Tuesday’s vote is an opportunity for our town to establish Hanover as a national leader on clean energy and become the first municipality in New Hampshire to make this pledge.

Our community has already started to make this transition by investing in energy efficiency and renewable electricity generation for town facilities, and will follow by transitioning to vehicles and heating systems powered by renewable sources. Today over 23 percent of the total electricity consumed by Hanover (residents, businesses, companies and institutions) is generated from renewable resources.

Tuesday’s vote is an opportunity for Hanover to build on the progress we’ve made together and to set a course for a future of 100 percent renewable energy. Article 23 on the town warrant sets a town-wide goal for 100 percent renewable sources of electricity by 2030 and renewable sources of heating and transportation by 2050. Meeting this goal is voluntary. This measure will establish a framework for future growth that emphasizes sustainability and energy efficiency. The town will be tasked with balancing energy innovation with fiscal responsibility. As the prices of solar and wind continue to decrease and the costs of fossil fuels become increasingly volatile, the transition to 100 percent renewable energy will safeguard our community from the high cost of dirty fuels.

If approved, Hanover would be joining the 26 cities and towns across the country, including Atlanta, San Diego, Salt Lake City, St. Petersburg, Fla., and others that have already adopted ambitious 100 percent clean energy goals. Burlington is one of only a handful of cities in the country to be running entirely on renewable electricity today. Hanover can and should be next to join this growing list.

If you are a Hanover resident, please attend the evening Town Meeting on May 9 and support article 23 for 100 percent renewable energy. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the Hanover High School gymnasium.

Judith Colla


EPA Chief Ignores Warning

Programs promoting family planning draw highly visible protests from those who support “the right to life.” But who will come forth to decry the decision of Scott Pruitt, the newly appointed EPA administrator, to allow the continued use of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used on agricultural products, despite the warning from the National Institutes of Health that it can cause significantly adverse effects on fetal brain development?

Deborah Metzger


The Tragedy in Armenia

A major crime, a tragedy, was hidden and denied. The Turkish slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians, along with Greeks and Assyrians during World War I, mirror elements of things happening today. The just released move The Promise captures in an engaging way many of these elements.

Most telling is the repression of the press. The Ottoman perpetrators hid the crime. Hitler used the same strategy as he said, “Who will remember the Armenians?” regarding the Holocaust. His military leaders such as Adolf Eichmann were advisers to the Turks during World War I. The free press is a bulwark against hiding crimes.

Within Turkey today, history is rewritten; the entire Turkish nation is educated that the Armenian genocide was an internal war against a people who had no army or weapons.

Complicit today are nations such as Iran and Russia, assisting Bashar Assad in Syria, who is destroying his own people using chemical weapons. Suppression of the press is a major force in Turkey, Russia, Iran and many Arab states. Only reporters, many of whom have been killed or jailed, have not failed us.

The right to bear arms has us shaking our heads with gun violence in schools and elsewhere. However, the elimination of the right to bear arms leaves citizens vulnerable. The right to bear arms is a constraint on a potential fascist government forcing its power on the people.

Demeaning the judicial system, ostracizing the free press, creating fake news, isolating groups based on religion and intensive surveillance of citizens are from the past but here today. Certainly a democracy has a right to defend itself, but it must be an elected democracy. As we look toward Turkey, Russia, Iran, Egypt, etc., we understand that they pretend to have democracies.

You are encouraged to see the movie The Promise, not ancient history but a sequel that could come to our shores.

Harvey Bazarian


The writer recently led an OSHER course on “The Armenian Genocide.”

Lesson From ‘Animal Farm’

In George Orwell’s satire Animal Farm, now over 70 years old, you may remember how the well-intentioned animals ended up becoming exactly like the power-driven, greedy, exploitive humans they had overthrown. Two stories that have occupied some space in the news recently reminded me of this book.

The first is that of the supposedly well-meaning, liberal-minded students at Berkeley. They were so opposed to the invitation offered to conservative Ann Coulter to speak on the topic of immigration that they created an atmosphere of intolerance and fear. Escalating online chatter threatened violence and was matched, in kind, by extremist protestors from the campus’ political right. Coulter’s safety, and that of all campus residents, was at stake. Coulter canceled her speaking engagement. The protestors, disturbed by Coulter’s message of intolerance, became a symbol of campus intolerance.

In a second story, closer to home, New Hampshire House member Robert Fisher, of Laconia, created an online forum called “The Red Pill” for the purpose of supporting “equal rights” and justice for both men and women. Sadly, he chose to use the forum to make misogynistic comments, resulting in calls by politicians from both sides of the aisle, including the governor, for his resignation. In denigrating women in order to bolster the rights of men, Mr. Fisher became a perpetrator of injustice, which is exactly the opposite of his forum’s original purpose.

Taking a stand is a good thing. Fighting for justice is what we are all meant to do. But how we do it is of prime importance. Zealotry is never the way. The students at Berkeley and the representative from New Hampshire need to take deep breaths and begin again. Let’s hope that next time they get it right.

Judy McCarthy


What the GOP Stands For

What exactly do the letters GOP stand for these days? Grotesque Orange Philanderer? Godfather of Prevarication? Geriatric Obese Predator? Gibberish-spouting Obnoxious Potentate? Gargoyle of Pennsylvania Avenue? Genuinely Odious Policies? Greed on Parade? Gut Our Programs? Grab Our Privates? All of the above?

Just wondering.

Dick Nelson