Forum, June 15: Impeachment? Think Windsor

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Impeachment? Think Windsor

Since talk of impeachment is in the air, the next time you are driving around Windsor, keep your eyes peeled for “Impeachment Hill” — it’s right there on Main Street. No, you won’t see a sign; it’s the nickname we’ve given to the former home of U.S. Senator William Evarts, who successfully defended President Andrew Johnson in his impeachment trial. A couple generations later, Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, a relative of Evarts whose part-time home was next door, was fired by President Richard Nixon, igniting the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre.”

Just a tiny bit of the fascinating history you’ll discover in Windsor.

William Ballantyne


Taking a Stand Against Pipelines

Pipelines are the veins of the fossil fuel industry, tools of one of the most powerful forces on the planet, source of the human-caused dynamics of climate change. We also know of sacrifice zones (Steve Lerner, Sacrifice Zones: The Front Lines of Toxic Chemical Exposure in the United States ), those communities where governing forces and economic leaders chose to “sacrifice” through toxic pollution, certain places and people, in order to continue the way of life structured by fossil fuel. These areas are characterized by environmental degradation, higher cancer rates, fear of drinking the water, mothers watching their children play in chemically contaminated puddles and property values decreasing.

When a pipeline comes to a neighborhood, new phrases enter the local vocabulary: transmission leakage, ruptures, stress corrosion cracking, leaks, evacuations, failed gaskets, pipeline splits, explosions, construction accidents, escaping gas, spills and more.

We now know that Hanover and Lebanon can be classified as a pre-sacrifice zone. Some pretend not to know in order to support the pipeline, but we know that when pipelines enter, the above vocabulary follows. We reject the category of pre-sacrifice zone for Hanover and Lebanon and are taking a stand against the building of the pipeline.

Gregory Wilson


Flags for Veterans’ Gravesites

It is that time of the year when the town of Hartford’s Veterans Council will be putting flags out on veterans’ gravesites.

If you find we have missed any, please call, and we will take care of it. We also ask that you do not remove the gray PVC pipe as we use this as a marker for finding the sites.

Please contact Denis Backus, president of the Hartford Veterans Council, at 603-369-0329.

Denis Backus

Hartford Veterans Council

Hillary Clinton’s Delusion

Hillary Clinton, it seems, still labors under the delusion that she was God’s gift to the Democratic Party when in reality she was his gift to the Republicans. His gift to the Democrats was Donald Trump.

Anthony Stimson


Think Local, Shop Local

It was a compelling set of facts outlined by President of the Board of Directors Bill Craig and General Manager Ed Fox of the Hanover Consumer Co-operative Society in their “EBA’s Lesson: Shopping Locally Matters” column in the June 3 Valley News. We in the Upper Valley who value our independent local businesses must nurture their existence by supporting them with our patronage. Sometimes it may cost a bit more in dollars or in time spent actually visiting their businesses, but, in the long run, we all benefit. We are blessed with a wealth of committed local merchants and producers; let’s be equally committed local consumers and shoppers.

Kay Litten Former president of the board of the Hanover Consumer Co-operative Society


Let Information Get Out

Since our government is for the people, and I’m one of many people needing more information, I expect that the ability to stay informed should never be compromised. For example, it was liberating to watch James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but the very next day a CNN headline, “Trump’s lawyer to file complaint against Comey over (giving friend) memos” challenged my ideal of robust access of information.

This reminded me of the opinion piece in a June 8 Valley News column, “War on Leakers Is Off to a Poor Start.” It said, “The National Security Agency document she (Reality Winner) is accused of printing and sending to the Intercept is classified, and passing it along was a felony.”

Bad enough, but then a judge denied bail after she entered a not guilty plea. It makes me wonder if the judge is adding insult to injury. Winner’s action is nowhere near the magnitude of the damage Trump and his regime have committed against our country. How can it be that our fearless leader is still at large?

Kevin McEvoy Leveret

White River Junction

This Old Wonderful Earth

 What’s it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?

Are we meant to take more than we give?

                                    — Burt Bacharach

Climate change is about loving this old wonderful Earth, our mother, our home. It is about loving this life, this amazing life. We are children of this little blue ball of a planet. Revolving around the sun in a universe so vast that we have no idea as to its vastness, having no idea as to how life begins. And we can only guess to how the universe began.

We really don’t know that much about this life, do we? Otherwise, humans would be treating themselves, other species and this planet with a deeper understanding and respect. Maybe if we slow ourselves down and take a look around and within ourselves we might see a mystical world so beyond words that that might be the only thing we need to know to guide us through this life.

And if we take a look around this planet to see the madness we are collectively creating, it might be the best reason to getting past our unfounded fears, hate, greed and paranoia, and elect representatives for the common good of the people, other species and the planet, not lobbyists for those who benefit from our collective confusion as to how we all want to live. Why are we so dependent on “leaders” when we know ourselves what fairness and equality looks like and the need for it? Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote, “We won’t be equitable to our planet until we learn to be equitable with each other.”

 Hopefully when we lay ourselves down for the last time, we won’t be asking “What’s it all about, Alfie”?

Keith Barkett


Love Seeing Local Photos

Kudos to the Valley News for the continuing series of photographs of local people, local events and local scenery.  We love it!

Blakeney Bartlett


Carbon: Winning and Otherwise

To those of us working to repeal and replace the burning of carbon fuel, I commend the Valley News of June 6. It had two front-page articles about wins for our planet. In one, Lebanon’s energy committee opposes a new gas pipeline, and in the other Henry Harris’ trial theatrics bring overdue attention to pipeline rubber-stamping by Vermont’s corporate shill, the Department of Public Service.

A third article, on page 2, announced the hiring of a director for what appears to me to be the Dartmouth Institute of Irving Oil Money and Society. More of an exercise in how to mystify a simple goal that other countries are already reaching without embedding Irving: totally sustainable, non-carbon-fuel economies.

Robert Spottswood


We’d Pick ‘Pickles’

My husband and I are Florida residents (flatlanders?), who enjoy our summers in Springfield, N.H.  After subscribing with another newspaper for years, we recently switched to the Valley News.

We are happy customers except for one thing: Would you consider including Pickles (gocomics.com/pickles)?

We miss our daily Pickles fix!

Joanne Belfield

Springfield, N.H.