Dartmouth eBay Items

‘Tis the season to spend money on quirky gifts so as not to give that special someone another coffee mug or gift certificate. In that spirit, Big Green Sports Scene presents various Dartmouth College sports-themed eBay offerings, mostly from the athletic program’s long and historic past.

We’ll start with a historic but rather puzzling photo in which a Big Green football player hurdles an ineffective defender. Man, no lateral movement, no speed, get that old nag off the field. Memorial Field, that is.

Here’s a 1916 ad for footballs that illustrates how the new-fangled forward pass probably wasn’t a fad. An endorsement from the Big Green bench boss of the day was intended to push any hesitant shoppers over the edge to ordering excitement.

A neat newspaper section here, but how did the Boston Evening Globe get away with referring to a religious leader of the day as a monkey?! (wink)

This listing claims the jersey offered for bid was once worn by former Dartmouth star and current NHL player Tanner Glass.

What do you think the public reaction would be if four of today’s Big Green gridders were to don the costumes displayed in this listing? It makes the Washington Redskins nickname discussion seem tame.

Current Dartmouth senior Cole Marcoux didn’t turn out to be a college quarterback, despite plenty of hype over his high school all-star game status. He earned honorable-mention All-Ivy status this fall as a tight end, however.

Two things are nostalgic about this photo for me. First, obviously, is the wonderful game clock. Second is that Dartmouth players are running out of the tunnel that leads out of the Davis Varsity House basement. So much more dramatic an entrance than how the team now walks out of Floren Varsity house on the ground level.

This scrapbook is a little pricey. Ok, a lot pricey. But it’s a very cool link to Dartmouth hockey’s past. Any boosters out there with some spare cash?

Went to Dartmouth but didn’t play sports? Want passers-by to think just maybe you did? Here’s a letterman’s jacket reproduction.

We’ll close with an interesting photo from the baseball team’s past. Twenty years earlier, these brothers from California might well have landed in a U.S. internment camp. I’ve never heard of either of them, but I might have to try and track them down.