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New Coaches, Same Goals For Raiders, Marauders

  • Thetford’s Chris Parenteau, right, leaps over a hurdle with teammate Andy Sharp hot on his heels. (Valley News - Libby March)

    Thetford’s Chris Parenteau, right, leaps over a hurdle with teammate Andy Sharp hot on his heels. (Valley News - Libby March)

  • Mike and Betsy Gonnerman of Hanover synchronize their watches to one another and a satellite that will give them their time on the run they are about to take in Hanover, N.H., on April 17, 2014. <br/>Valley News - Jennifer Hauck

    Mike and Betsy Gonnerman of Hanover synchronize their watches to one another and a satellite that will give them their time on the run they are about to take in Hanover, N.H., on April 17, 2014.
    Valley News - Jennifer Hauck

  • Thetford’s Chris Parenteau, right, leaps over a hurdle with teammate Andy Sharp hot on his heels. (Valley News - Libby March)
  • Mike and Betsy Gonnerman of Hanover synchronize their watches to one another and a satellite that will give them their time on the run they are about to take in Hanover, N.H., on April 17, 2014. <br/>Valley News - Jennifer Hauck

The Lebanon and Hanover outdoor track and field teams have for many years been steadfast contenders in New Hampshire Class I/Division II. This season, both the Raiders and Marauders will have to do it with new coaches.

Lebanon’s Andrew Gamble and Hanover’s Tim Clark have both stepped down following successful 16-year tenures with their respective programs. They garnered 18 combined state championships and eight runners-up finishes between them, highlighted by the Raider boys’ seven consecutive titles from 2004-10.

Former Lebanon assistant Kevin Lozeau has taken over the Raiders, and got off to a stellar start over the winter with a D-II indoor championship for the boys.

The Marauders also handed over the reigns to a former assistant in Steve McConnell, who’s entering his third season with Hanover overall.

Other new coaches include Windsor, where longtime Yellowjackets’ boys soccer coach Andy Tufts will try his hand at track and field for the first time, co-coaching with Raina White, a Windsor assistant last year.

Woodstock will be led by Michael Jabour, the Wasps’ second-year assistant athletic director and former wide receiver for the South Burlington High and Castleton State College football teams.

Area teams hoping to successfully

defend state championships include the boys teams of Kearsarge (New Hampshire Division III) and South Royalton (Vermont Division IV).

A look at those programs and more:


Coach: Steve McConnell (1)

League: New Hampshire Division II, Connecticut Valley League.

Last Year: Girls sixth, boys 12th at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Philip Caffry (sprints), Raj Kane (distance), Clark Leazier (distance), Chris Stocken (throws). GIRLS: Aparna Alavilli (distance), Zola Doyle (distance) Juniors — BOYS: Ben Chaimberg (mid-distance), Jonathan Klotz (sprints); Juniors — GIRLS: Karina Lukovits (sprints, jumps), Hannah Mahon (jumps). Sophomores — GIRLS: Olivia Hinch (sprints, jumps).

Who’s New: Juniors — BOYS: Connor Cryans (distance), Chris Powell (jumps), Reid Williams (distance). GIRLS: Kayia Adam (distance), Fenner Lamm (throws, sprints), Kelsey Smith (distance), Kay Torrey (distance); Sophomores — BOYS: Felix Herron (distance), Robbie Murzda (sprints). GIRLS: Siobhan Signe (jumps, sprints, throws).

Who’s Gone: Noah Williams (distance), Aidan Bardos (400- and 800-meter runs), Melanie Subbiah (sprints, hurdles), Katherine Vincelette (hurdles, relays) Fifi Walker (hurdles), Parker Goss (distance).

Strengths: Sprints, distance, throws.

Weaknesses: Lack of depth.

Athletes to Watch: Caffry, Stocken, Chaimberg, Hinch, Mahon, Alavilli.

Toughest Opponents: Souhegan, Merrimack Valley, Lebanon, Coe-Brown.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “We have good leadership in the upper classes, and a solid underclass crop. I’m looking forward to watching the team make great strides this year.”


Coach: Heather Scudder (22)

League: Vermont Division II.

Last Year: Girls third, boys tied for 11th at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: BOY: Senior — Derrick Davenport (sprints). GIRLS: Seniors — Allison Courtemanche (javelin, sprints, jumps), Madison Labuda (mid distance). Sophomores — Megan Fariel (distance), Shanon Hamilton (distance), Paige Kehoe (distance), Megan Newton (throws, sprints).

Who’s New: BOYS: Seniors — Jackson Dwyers (400, 800, shot put), Jamie Mesler (mid-distance). Juniors — Clayton Bailey (throws/sprints), Jamison Fallot (sprints), Mateo Gray (sprints), Jason Hebert (sprints/jumps), Tayler Larmie (throws), Alex Page (sprints), Brett Clough (throws). GIRLS: Juniors ­ — Meredith Boyle (distance), Michaela Curley (distance), Heather Illingworth (mid distance), Jacquelyn Noyes (mid distance); Sophomores — BOYS: Mateo Ellerson (throws), Austin Haenel (throws), Solomon Manthena (throws), Matt Phillips (distance), Ethan Scribner (distance). GIRLS: Julia Anderson (throws), Eileen Curley (mid distance/throws), Kristen Davis (distance), Carolin Knight (distance), Rachel Seaver (distance); Freshmen: BOY: Keith Illingworth (sprints). GIRLS: Thea Cole (distance), Halle Curley (sprints), Isabella Leister (hurdles/sprints), Natasha Lovell (distance), Lynsie Rice (sprints/jumps).

Who’s Gone: Jess Barnum, Stephanie Grobe.

Strength: Increased depth.

Weakness: Lack of varsity experience.

Athlete to Watch: Dwyer.

Toughest Opponents: Lebanon, Harwood, U-32, Fair Haven.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “We’re most definitely excited about this season,” assistant coach Mike Perry said. “We have a lot of dedicated runners and great participation. I think we could do some damage this year.”


Coach: Ed Rehor (37).

League: New Hampshire Division III, Wilderness League.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Reed Bell (hurdles, sprints), Roudy Rehor (hurdles), Logan Mayville (jumps/hurdles), Shane Corley (distance), Alex Akpan (throws/sprints). GIRLS: Bridgie Carr (distance), Hayley Joseph (hurdles), Katie Lyndh (throws/jumps); Junior — GIRL: Savannah Bell (sprints).

Who’s New: Senior — BOY: Carter Nordsij (mid distance/hurdles/jumps); Juniors — BOYS: Elliott Iukatis (sprints/hurdles), Eric Morin (sprints, mid distance). GIRL: Tess Donohue (sprints); Sophomores — BOYS: Zach Astle (throws), Ian Bready (sprints/jumps), Cameron Webster (sprints/hurdles), Aidan Terhune (jumps). GIRLS: Mercedes Gorman (hurdles/jumps), Brittany Wallace (hurdles, jumps).

Who’s Gone: Gabe Carter, Conner Terhune, Sam Van Etten, Emily Morcom. “There are many others who have moved on,” Rehor said.

Strengths: Sprints, hurdles.

Weaknesses: Jumps; lack of depth on the girls’ side.

Athletes to Watch: BOYS: Throwers. GIRLS: Joseph, Bell.

Toughest Opponents: Monadnoc k, Keene, White Mountains, Plymouth.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “It was great to finally get the season underway after a long winter.”


Coach: Kevin Lozeau (1).

League:  New Hampshire  Division II, Connecticut Valley League.

Last Year: Girls third, boys fourth at state championship meet. 

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Teddy Bessette (distance), John Cioffredi (jumps/throws/sprints), Martin Gradijan (distance), Nevin Kapuscinski (sprints), Zak Kinsman (distance), Zach Liebold (distance), Kevin Pomer (jumps, sprints, throws), Matt Stebbins (sprints), Craig Telfer (hurdles, sprints). GIRLS: Natasha Goodwin (jumps, hurdles), Emma Greenough  (jumps, sprints), Nell Houde (distance), Heather King (jumps, sprints), Rayne Lambert (sprints, throws), Sam McDonald (sprints, jumps), Georgia Michalovic (jumps, sprints, hurdles), Hayley Perron (throws), Mariah Ramos (throws); Juniors — BOYS: Josh Fontaine (distance), Lucas Jameson (throws, sprints), Cooper Lytle (jumps, sprints), Will Merchant (sprints, jumps, throws, hurdles), Sam Ryder (distance), Riley Sleeper (sprints). GIRLS: Jessica Dessert  (jumps), Claire Han (sprints), Emily Han (sprints), Riann Tang (sprints), Jessica Young (sprints); Sophomores — BOYS: Brian Downs (distance), Nate Herndon (sprints/hurdles), Matt King (sprints, jumps), Jeremiah Morton (sprints, hurdles). GIRLS:  Sophomore — Lauren Anikis (jumps), Tiffany D’Cruze (distance, sprints), Kyle Grohbrugge (sprints, throws), Emily Kovacs (sprints), Lauren Simard (sprints), Annabella Vice-Van Heyde (distance).

Who’s New: Juniors — BOYS: Noah McPherson (throws, sprints), Wolf Tillotson (throws, sprints); Sophomores — BOYS: Kyle Shepherd (throws, sprints); Freshmen — BOYS: Davis Cole (sprints, jumps), Austin Gleim (sprints), Raphael Harriman (distance), Forest Hoffman (sprints, jumps), Petr Kekalo (sprints/ throws), Ryan Milliken (sprints, jumps), Spenser Molloy (sprints), Lucas Roper (sprints/ jumps), Demitri Wright (distance). GIRLS: Emma Cooper (sprints), Corinne Kennedy (sprints/ jumps), Tori Wright (throws/jumps).

Who’s Gone: Ben Drye, Travis Maxham, Galen Moynihan, Evan O’Reilly. Girls — Katie Colt, Kelly Ludew, Moriah Morton, Heather Selmer.

Strengths: Jumps, sprints, hurdles and distance (boys); Sprints, hurdles and jumps (girls).

Weaknesses: Javelin (boys); Throws (girls).

Athletes to Watch: BOYS: John Cioffredi, Craig Telfer, Josh Fontaine, Will Merchant. GIRLS: Corinne Kennedy,  Heather  King, Georgia  Michalovic.

Toughest Opponents: BOYS: Portsmouth (boys). GIRLS: Coe-Brown.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: BOYS: “After winning the indoor state championship this year, the boys are looking to continue that success this spring. In addition to the experienced athletes returning from the indoor championship,  Lebanon  adds depth in the middle distances and new talent in the sprints.” GIRLS: “Coming off a close, third-place finish at the indoor championships, we’re looking to challenge for one of the top two spots in Division II. With an already strong sprint and jumping squad, we’re adding some additional talent in other areas, especially our seniors.”


Coach: Tom Warner (9).

League: New Hampshire Division III.

Last Year: Neither the Royals’ boys or girls teams placed at states.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Eddie Bianco (throws/ sprints), Dan Brown (hurdles), Keegan Caraway (distance/ throws), Ben Davis (throws, sprints), Jeff Parsons (sprints). GIRL: Alix Hurley (hurdles, sprints).  Juniors — BOYS: Jon Conley (throws, sprints), Noah Richer (throws), Kyle Wilson (high jump). GIRL: Shea Curley (sprints) Sophomores — BOYS: Caleb Caraway (distance), Tyler Hollis (distance), Ben Jones (distance), Brandon White (throws).

Who’s New: Seniors — BOYS: Isaiah Rock (distance), Justin Marsh (sprints/ high jump/long jump), Wayne Savard (sprints); Juniors: BOY — Wesley Stenger (sprints, throws). GIRL — Shayna Levesque (hurdles). Sophomores: BOYS: Pascal Bakker (distance), Connor Gill, Barrett Morse, William Stone (throws, sprints), Calvin Wilson (sprints). GIRLS: Nicole Crate (throws), Morgan Denutte (throws); Freshmen — BOYS: Brandon Gardner (hurdles/sprints), Cameron Holmes (hurdles/sprints), Daniel Ladue (sprints), Connor Morley (distance), Evan Peck (distance), Tucker Stenger (distance), Garrett Williams (sprints). GIRLS: Sasha Bakker (hurdles), Kiahna Estes( sprints), Justine Martin (utility).

Who’s Gone: Aleah Judd, Dani Jones, Kori Kosiorek, Samantha Hurley

Strengths: Most running events and jumping.

Weaknesses: Throws are uncertain at this point.

Athletes to Watch: Marsh, Rock, Jones, Richer, Hurley, Curley.

Toughest Opponent: Stevens.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “We’ve got many new athletes this year, but great potential in for both the new and returning runners and jumpers.”


Coach: Jeff Miller (3).

League: New Hampshire Division III.

Last Year: Julia Sullivan third in long jump; neither the boys nor girls placed for the Tigers.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Dan Tyminski (sprints), Stanley Wood (shot put). GIRLS: Julia Sullivan (sprints/long jump), Hannah Merrow (hurdles/shot put), Leah Peel (sprints), Emily Goss (sprints), Bridgette Huff (shot put), Caitlin Jones (distance). Juniors — BOYS: Patrick Greene (long jump), Malachi Swenson (throws), Tom Hogan (javelin/distance), Riley Cook (mid distance/ javelin). GIRLS: Hannah Hubert (distance), Emily Facto (distance). Sophomores — BOYS: Tyler Currier (distance), Stephan Nix (shot put/sprints). GIRL: Vanessa Olivares (shot put, discus).

Who’s New: Seniors — BOY: Andrew Bahara (throwing events). GIRL — Allison Doucette (sprints). Juniors — BOYS: Anthony DiPadova (distance), Dillon Boardman (distance). GIRL: Catie Tremblay (distance); Sophomores — BOY: Eric Bailey (throws). GIRL: Brooke Beaulieu (sprints/discus). Freshmen — BOYS: John Hogan (high jump/ long jump/distance), Jacob Merritt (throws), Curtis Vogler (mid distance), George Catsam (sprints/long jump), Yi Han (triple jump/long jump/sprints), Tyler Sharron (distance), Bryce Jones (throws). GIRLS: Bethany Boone (distance), Morgan Shepard (hurdles), Claudia Biron (distance), Jaiden Harris (hurdles), Emma Kibbie (hurdles), Zi Han (sprints), Aspen Tolliver (throws).

Who’s Gone: Sharissa Stout (hurdles)

Strengths: Throwing, relay depth.

Weakness: Lack of experience.

Athletes to Watch: BOYS: Tyminski, Hogan, DiPadova, Cook, Currier, Nix, Hogan, Han. GIRLS: Sullivan, Merrow, Tremblay, Han. BToughest Opponents: Hopkinton, Kearsarge, Fall Mountain, Sunapee.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: ”This is the most overall depth, both boys and girls, Newport has had in quite a few years. We’re still young and have an exciting freshman class. Both teams have a chance to qualify several athletes for the state meet.”


Coaches: Emily Willems (4) and Amy Cook (4).

League: Vermont Division III.

Last Year: Boys seventh, girls ninth at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Tannr Allard (mid distance), Brett Butler (sprints), Brian Fay (sprints/mid distance), Dylan Hatin (throws), Michael Hodge (sprints), and Cody O’Connell (distance). GIRLS: Sarah Chamberlin (throws), Anna Cook (mid distance), Sabrina French (throws), Meaghan Williams (throws, mid distance); Juniors — BOYS: Carte Goodell (distance), Allan Wheeler (distance). GIRLS: Nina Nanopoulos (sprints), Shelby Rosten (javelin/distance). Sophomores — BOYS: Jake Senecal (throws), Griffin Shaw (distance). GIRLS: Giovanna Carlson (throws/pole vault), Franni Hoag.

Who’s New: Sophomores — BOYS: Dylan Griffin (sprints/ jumps/pole vault), Andrew Dicks (mid distance); Freshman — BOY: Briggs Heffernan (sprints). GIRLS: Leanne Burgess (distance), Claire Cook (mid distance, relays), Moriah Hammond, (throws), Tausha Wark (throws).

Who’s Gone: Division-III 200-meter record holder Will Heathman.

Strength: Depth. 

Weakness: “We could still use more numbers!” Willem said.

Athletes to Watch: Hatin, Fay, French, Nanopoulos.

Toughest Opponent: Thetford.

Etc.: Junior distance runner Christian Parenti and sophomore thrower/sprinter Noah Weisberg, both of Rivendell Academy, and Blue Mountain Union freshman Jon Pugger, are all training with the Olympians this season.

Coaches’ Final Thoughts: “We’re really looking forward to competing this season. Now we just need the ground to dry!”


Coach: Kevin Gish (5).

League: Vermont Division IV, Central Vermont League.

Last Year: Girls ninth, boys 10th at state championship meet

Who’s Back: Seniors — GIRLS: Greta Binzen (sprints/long jump), Margaret Gish (distance). Sophomores — BOY: Chris Gish (distance); GIRL — Gretta Stack (sprints).

Who’s New: Juniors — BOY: Max Buskey (sprints). GIRL: Morgan Morrill (sprints); Freshmen — Richard Morrill (sprints, long jump), Thatcher Morrison (distance).

Strengths: Dedication, drive.

Weakness: Lack of depth.

Athletes to Watch: Stack, Binzen, Chris Gish, Margaret Gish.

Toughest Opponents: Chelsea, South Royalton, Richford.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: With a small, but strong, group of dedicated athletes, we’re aiming to be competitive in Division IV. The veterans all have solid bases to build from and we have some very strong newcomers.”


Coaches: Jay Haehnel (4) and Mel Emerson (2).

League: Vermont Division IV.

Last Year: Andrea Haehnel won pole vault, Liam Flemming was second and fourth in 3,000- and 1,500-meter runs, respectively, and Sam Emerson was second in high jump, 100 and 200 at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Senior — GIRL: Andrea Haehnel (pole vault/ hurdles/ middle distance); Juniors — BOYS: Liam Fleming (distance), Sam Emerson (sprints, high jump)

Who’s New: Senior — BOY: Ryan Fauci (distance); Juniors — BOYS: Alex Rand (mid distance), Christian Parenti (distance). GIRL: Kayla Gould (pole vault, shot put, hurdles, sprints).

Who’s Gone: The Raptors had no losses.

Strengths: Individual commitment and self-motivation. Weaknesses: Lack of training facilities & equipment; small numbers.

Athletes to Watch: “All of them,” Mel Emerson said.

Toughest Opponents: “Without a complete team, our biggest challenge will be setting new personal records,” said Mel Emerson.

Etc.: Though they’ll represent Rivendell at meets, Raptor athletes have been training with neighboring Oxbow and Thetford.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “We are thankful to a variety of Upper Valley coaches and teams that allow us to train with them and alongside their athletes at their facilities. We appreciate the open and welcoming spirit that allows our athletes an opportunity to be part of the track and field community and purse a sport they enjoy.”

South Royalton

Coach: Rose Dedam (8).

League: Vermont Division IV, Northern Vermont Athletic Conference

Last Year: Boys won title, girls were third at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Dylan Orechovesky (pole vault/high jump/hurdles), Emmett Lorette (pole vault/high jump), Lucien Pease (throws). GIRLS: Maggie Dakin (relays), Callie Wuttke (relays) Olivia Phillip (jumps/middle distance), Barbara Timian (relays/throws); Juniors — GIRLS: Rosa Love (distance), Faith Pease (distance), Hannah Post (throws), Larissa Stride (pole vault/hurdles/mid distance/javelin) Sophomores -- BOYS: Max Brown (pole vault/javelin/distance/relays), Galen Ferris (sprints), Channing George (mid distance), Mackinley George (mid distance, high jump), Josh Kumar (utility), Sam Thornton (hurdles/relays), William Wuttke (high jump/discus).  GIRLS: Cora Honigford (throws), Rhiannon Howe (utility).

Who’s New: Sophomores — BOYS: Duncan Hebard, Kyle Spaulding, Michael Howe. GIRLS: Julianne Lambert, Laurel Sherlock. Freshmen — BOY: Jackson McClain. GIRLS: Maeve Naumann, Sarah Dunkle.

Who’s Gone: The Royals’ boys lost a host of contributors to graduation, including Jesse James and Michael Dunkle. The girls lost five-event standout Eliza Phillip.

Strengths: Leadership, enthusiasm.

Weakness: Inexperienced throwers.

Athletes to Watch: Lorette, Orechovesky, Stride, Phillip, Love.

Toughest Opponents: BOYS: Chelsea. GIRLS: Northfield, Richford.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “This team has a level of commitment and a willingness to work hard that I haven’t seen in a few years.   If they can maintain the full team momentum that they’ve got going right now they should have a very successful season.   The boys are coming off of a championship season last year and were 2nd the year before and the girls were 2nd and 3rd the past two years, so they know what success feels like and are hungry for more.”


Coach: Aaron House (1).

Leagues: New Hampshire Division II, Connecticut Valley Conference.

Last Year: Boys 14th, girls 15th at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Akeem Bailey (sprints), Kai Kleyensteuber (throws); Alec Root (sprints/jumps); Zach Shedlock (distance); Tyson Varnkham (distance). GIRL: Rachel Nelson (distance). Juniors — BOY: Erik Contreras (sprints). GIRLS: Jaclyn Fowler (jumps); Nikki Root (Hurdles).

Who’s New: Juniors — BOYS: Kyle Hamel (sprints/distance); Cody Larison (throws). Freshmen — BOYS: Cole Barcelou, (sprints, throws) Parker Smith (throws/sprints/high jump); Nate Treadway (sprints). GIRLS: Brooke Bagley; (sprints, throws); Kylie Jones (sprints); Marion Lovett (Hurdles, Sprints, Distance); Jennie Morey (distance).

Who’s Gone: CJ Gosselin, Romario Bailey, Maddy Boardman.

Strengths: Sprints, relays.

Weakness: High jump.

Athletes to Watch: Hamel, Morey.

Toughest Opponent: Fall Mountain.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “This is a new chapter for Stevens track and field. We have a committed group of coaches who are interested in working with each athlete individually, but within a team concept. Our student athletes have been working hard to put us into a position to compete at each meet.”


Coach: Emily Silver (3).

League: Vermont Division III.

Last Year: Boys second, girls fourth at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Andy Sharp (multi), Chris Wells (sprints/jumps), Josh Jacobs-Rubhun (sprints). GIRLS: Ella Chapman (multi), Aibhlin Moye-Linehan (multi), Maia Lavoy (multi), Maggie Pomeroy (distance), Jessica Shannon (distance); Juniors — BOYS: Cole Chapman (multi), Nathaniel Froehlich (distance), Eric Lavik (multi), Ian Mundy (distance). GIRLS: Annaka Balch (sprints/jumps), Helena Gaffney (sprints/jumps); Sophomores — BOYS: Christian Jones (sprints/distance), Julio Lopez (distance), Chris Parenteau (sprints), Levi Vaughan (throws). GIRLS: Taylor Gravlin (sprints), Charlottle Reining (sprints).

Who’s New: Seniors — BOYS: Josh Paton (sprints), William Zhang (distance). GIRL: Autumn Cornellier (distance); Juniors — BOYS: Kyle McLaren (mid distance/throws), Gannon Walsh (sprints/jumps). GIRL: Isabel Ortiz (sprints, jumps); Freshmen — BOYS: Tyler Bowen (distance), Caleb Davidson (throws), Mitchell Higgins (sprints/jumps), Shayne Morgan (sprints), Raphie Orleck-Jetter (throws), Noah Stommel (mid distance), Sage Whitecloud (multi), Jordan Woodward (sprints). GIRLS: Ashley Currier (throws/sprints), Emma Dunnet (sprints), Hannah Harkins (sprints/jumps), Clara Hoffman (multi), Kali Peer (sprints), Carmenilla Rinaldi (throws), Lydia Whitaker (distance).

Who’s Gone: BOYS — Ian Weider, Dominic Chatot, Tate Buttrey, Raul Lopez, Kit Norton. GIRLS — Rowan Froehlich, Haley Grigel, Maddison Wilhite.

Strengths: Leadership, morale.

Weakness: Youth.

Athletes to Watch:  Wells, Cole Chapman, Mundy, Ella Chapman, Moye-Linehan.

Toughest Opponents: Woodstock, Bellows Falls.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “We have strong leadership from our captains. We have a lot of athletes who are new to track and field, which is a strength for the future.”


Coaches: Tom and Sue Burgos (2).

League: Vermont Division IV.

Last Year: Teresa Claughton won 100- and 300-meter hurdles and was second in long jump at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Sophomores — BOYS: Harrison Allen (jumps), Andrew Davis (long jump/sprints), Spencer Taylor (throws); GIRLS: Shai Palmer (sprinter), Zoe McCormack (throws); Freshmen — BOY: Marcus Sheldon (runs/throws). GIRLS: Gwen Timmins (runs/jumps), Molly LaFromboise (javelin, distance), Melanie Davis (long jump/sprints).

Who’s New: Seniors — BOYS: Benedict Augustsson (runs), Bradford Allen (runs), Jacob Feeney (distance); Freshmen — BOYS: Alex Gray (utility), Liam Walker (mid distance), Zak Gillette (distance).

Etc.: Rochester High junior distance runners Harrison Heist and Eric Schnabel are training with the Hornets this season.

Who’s Gone: Claughton.

Strengths: The Hornets have better numbers this season on the boys’ side. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity to compete in relay events,” said Tom Burgos.

Weaknesses: Lack of depth on the girls’ side; lack of training facilities.

Athletes to Watch: Harrison Allen, Taylor, Augustsson, LaFromboise.

Toughest Opponent: South Royalton.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “We’ve got a lot of momentum, last year to this year. We’ve grown and we have some goals for this year, while also being excited for the future.”


Coaches: Raina White (1) and Andy Tufts (1).

League: Vermont Division II.

Last Year: Boys and girls both placed fourth at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Quincy Smith (distance runner), Shawn Mason (pole vault),  Roger Barraby (hurdles), Ezra Richardson (javelin) Kyle Schaffer (sprinter). GIRLS: Ashlie French (thrower), Elizabeth McCabe (pole vault), Kim Ip (sprinter),  Emily Herschel (mid-distance); Juniors — BOYS: Nolan Schaffer (thrower), Isaiah Bates (middle distance), Kyle Lyon (sprinter), Peter Jaarsma (sprinter/thrower), Josh Carpenter (thrower). GIRLS: Laura Walasewicz  (javelin),  Iyanna Williams  (thrower), Mallory (thrower), Maryam Orogi (mid-distance), Emma Saucier (thrower); Sophomores — BOYS: Zach Doiron (distance), Tanner Fitzherbert (pole vault), Josh Delaney (distance). GIRLS: Katey Comstock (thrower), Maddy Morse (long jump/mid-distance), Kylie Bourque (sprinter/jumper), Amber DeBartolo (hurdles).

Who’s New: Senior — BOY: Ben Perry (thrower); Sophomore — BOY: Alton Fuller (hurdles). “We have a number of other young athletes, mostly freshmen, who are working hard and may eventually contribute points,” said Tufts.

Who’s Gone: Boys — Luke TanCreti, Leo Patenaude; Girls — Rachel Meagher, Aminah Orogi.

Strengths: Throwing; overall experience.

Weaknesses: “Head coaching experience,” said Tufts, who has coached the Yellowjackets’ varsity soccer team for 18 years — but never track.

Athletes to Watch: Smith, Comstock 

Toughest Opponents: Fair Haven, U-32.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “Despite the steep learning curve on (the coaches’) part, we’re looking forward to a fun season and some strong performances by a great group of kids.”


Coach: Michael Jabour (1). 

League: Vermont Division III, Marble Valley League.

Last Year: Girls won, boys were fourth at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Tom Baumann (sprints), Chris Chase (distance), Corey DeCota (distance), Luke Dupuis (distance), Eric Lewis (throws). GIRLS: Meg Gray (distance), Shannah Blain (sprints), Lily Denmeade (sprints), Tessa Oliver (sprints), Anna Ramsey (distance); Juniors — BOYS: James Johnson (sprints/throws), Ben Leavitt (sprints), Sam Linowski (distance), Chris Townley (jumps). GIRLS: Kathryn Bassette (pole vault, sprints), Lily Nickerson (distance), Alyssa Rivera (distance), Sierra-Lyn Rowe (sprints), Claire Spangler (distance), Lindsey Stuntz (distance); Sophomores — Boys: Steven Baumann (sprints/jumps), Trevor VanNiel (distance), Justin Whittaker (distance). GIRLS: Carmen Bango (distance), Rachael Emery (distance), Elly Gordon (sprints), Kristen Ramsey (distance).

Who’s New: Seniors — BOY: Bill Yates (thrower). GIRL — Brandy Murray (thrower); Juniors — BOYS: Max Issa (thrower), Christiaan Vosburgh (sprinter); Sophomores — BOY: Alex Crompton (distance). GIRLS: Monica Devine (sprints), Anna Dieffenbach (sprinter), Kathryn Hirak (hurdlers/pole vault); Freshmen — BOYS: Adam Farinas (sprints), Bill Wood (sprints), Oakley Lemire (distance), Cole Wescott (throws). GIRLS: Grace Cloutier (distance), Samara Hutt (sprints), Mariah Luce (sprints), Grace McKeon (sprints), Hannah Reali (sprints), Sarah Yates (distance).

Who’s Gone: Boys — Sam Zonay, Tucker Lemmer, Anthony Bald, Dylan Stuntz, Harry Linowski, and Bauer Neisner. Girls — Nikki Sardelli, Elizabeth Bassette, Katherine Leavitt, Lilly Noble, Nolwenn Abalain, Rachel Surrell, Jaym Henderson, and Denali Balser

Strength: Distance; overall depth.

Weakness: “It’s hard to tell as of now,” Jabour offered. “We’ll have a better idea once we going through the season.”

Athletes to Watch: Tom Baumann, Bassette, Gordon, Bango, Whittaker, Townley, Wescott.

Toughest Opponents: Bellows Falls, Thetford.

Coach’s Final Thoughts: “This team has worked very hard since the beginning of preseason. The coaching staff is very impressed and happy with our team. We’re looking forward to seeing what we can do.”


Coaches: A.J. Flateau (10) and Christina Flateau (7).

League: New Hampshire Division III, Wilderness League

Last Year: Neither the Engineer boys nor girls placed at state championship meet.

Who’s Back: Seniors — BOYS: Kevin Cowles (shot put), Zach Aldrich (shot put), Kyle Schwarz (1,500); Juniors — BOY: Ryan May (Long Jump). GIRL: Emily French (100/javelin); Sophomores — BOYS: Chris Sarkis (1,500), Phil Cadreact (1,500/javelin), Sam Fairfield  (100/200/javelin), Dayne Lalmond (100/200). GIRL: Grace Flynn (javelin).

Who’s New: Juniors — BOYS: Mike Marro (utility), Mike Guin (utility), Anthony Guida (100/200). Sophomores — BOYS: Andrew Daly (100/200); Geremy Enboden (utility); Freshmen — BOYS: Joe D’Angelo; Eban Noble (800); Dennis Ruprecht (utility).

Who’s Gone: Mike Vogt, Chris McAllister, Phil Currier, Nara Burgess

Strengths: “We have a small team composed of nice and quality athletes.”

Weaknesses: We have a lot of new athletes that are new to the sport.”

Athletes to Watch: Eban Noble, Chris Sarkis, Anthony Guida

Toughest Opponents: Any of the larger schools will be difficult for us to compete against

Coaches’ Final Thoughts: “We really look forward to building our team and watching our athletes grow.”