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Dogs in a Blog (5 Photos)

It will surprise few who know me that I often encounter dogs at my assignments — regardless of what sort of story I am shooting. I am drawn to dogs. They have always been part of my life, and, in fact, they are an important part of the social fabric of the Upper Valley. No wonder that I gravitate toward them when I go out on assignment — and that my inability to pass up on the opportunity to say hello to a dog has

All-Stars at the Shrine Game (3 Photos)

There aren’t too many events in the Upper Valley that bring as many people statewide from both Vermont and New Hampshire as the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl football game does. All-star high school football players from Vermont and New Hampshire butt heads as their fans cheer on their respective sides. It’s interesting to watch both states collide in a football game, but what I liked to see when I photographed this year’s game was the collaboration. Two other teams are present at the Shrine Bowl

From the Archive: Shrine Parade in Hanover

Shriners ride their motorcycles down Main Street in Hanover for the 1971 parade. The parade precedes the annual all-star football game between New Hampshire and Vermont's best high school players. This year's game will take place Saturday in Hanover. Valley News - Larry McDonald ∎ Posted to the Valley Visual blog Friday at 2:30 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.

Considering the Subject in a Different Way (7 Photos)

I was recently given a Crown Graphic camera by my father-in-law, who worked as a photographer for the Boston Globe and the Providence Journal in the 1960s. The camera is large and unwieldy by today’s standards and uses 4-by-5-inch negative sheets. To make one photograph is a process with numerous steps, and if just one is skipped or executed in the wrong order it could mean a missed moment, or worse, a ruined negative. The process forces a photographer to slow down and consider the

Keeping the Mascoma Watershed Clean and Healthy (4 Photos)

Bud and Terri Lynch and David Kelman, who are members of the Mascoma Lake Association, are part of a volunteer effort to monitor and combat the invasive plant Eurasian milfoil from growing in the lake. Eurasian milfoil can exclude native species in the shallow water where it lives, and lakes with introduced milfoil experience decreased property values. Mascoma Lake is part of a 195-square-mile watershed that feeds into the Connecticut River. In the upcoming SUNDAY VALLEY NEWS, read more about the Mascoma Watershed and the

Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault

An attendee of the Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault walks back to Spaulding Auditorium during a break from the morning session at Dartmouth College in Hanover on Monday. The three-day summit addressed multiple perspectives about sexual assault on campuses. Valley News — Sarah Priestap ∎ Posted to the Valley Visual blog Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.

Dusty Summer Nights

There are a few things to know before going to watch a dirt-track race, and I learned two of them around the age of 6, when I was deemed old enough to attend my first race: Always wear a hat, and never wear white. My two sisters and I would don some of my dad’s old baseball hats and pile in the car, where we’d drive six miles to Eriez Speedway, a 3/8ths-mile dirt track in western Pennsylvania where junkyard-bound cars raced almost till midnight.

Shell Station

Not one, not two, not three, but four turtles sunbathe on a log near Mascoma Valley Road, across from Tewksbury Pond in Grafton. Valley News — Will Parson ∎ Posted to the Valley Visual blog Friday at 3:15 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.

The Smell of Success

While working as a six-month intern for the Valley News, Will Parson has brought his unique ability to produce eye-catching videos for our web site. We recently learned his springtime video about maple sugaring received first place recognition in May from the National Press Photographers Association. Part of a national contest, the video from Killham Farm in Barnard was amongst 17 entries. It certainly is the sweet smell of success! ∎ Posted to the Valley Visual blog Monday at 2:30 p.m. Follow the Valley News

Lightning Bugs in Etna

Fireflies follow the contours of a field on a farm after sunset in Etna on Saturday. Valley News — Will Parson ∎ Posted to the Valley Visual blog Monday at 2:45 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.