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Valley Visual: Combing the Photo Archives for a Glimpse of Primaries Past

There are many things I enjoy about my job as Valley News photo editor. At at the top of the list are telling the stories of our communities and working in a newsroom stacked with talented, smart and funny people. Combing through the newspaper’s photo archive is another highlight of my job. During a planning meeting a month ago, we were spitballing ideas. Sunday Valley News Editor Ernie Kohlsaat suggested a page of older photos from our New Hampshire primary coverage. Intrigued, I began the

The Year in Photos: ‘I Knew Quite Well What They Were Facing’

Of all the photographs I’ve taken in 2015, this picture sticks with me the most. I feel like I’m on both sides of the lens with this image. I have lived this moment. In 2010, my wife, Amelia Lincoln, was a patient in the hematology and oncology unit at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center suffering from acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). After two stem cell transplants, she is in good health and back to work. It was during that time that we heard of the “indoor Prouty,” a

The Year in Photos: ‘I Stayed Home to Give Thanks to a Wonderful Life Well-Lived’

My favorite picture of the year was taken as I was driving to my second assignment on Thanksgiving Day. I saw Gail Stickney and her dog, Cody, in front of their house in Woodstock. Cody, a 10-year-old golden retriever, was gently resting his head on the porch watching as people walked by. As photojournalists at the Valley News, we spend a lot of our time driving around looking for pictures of people throughout our community. When we see people out and about, we quickly assess

The Year in Photos: ‘A New, Exciting Landscape for the Thousands of Visitors’

In my nearly five years of working as a photographer for the Valley News, I’ve driven across the Quechee Gorge bridge hundreds of times, glancing at the ubiquitous sight seers crowding the sidewalks with their cameras in hand. Unlike the Upper Valley, my hometown in western Pennsylvania was not a popular tourist destination, and I’m reminded with each journey over the bridge that this is a new, exciting landscape for the thousands of visitors who peer over the edge to look at the Ottauquechee River

The Year in Photos: ‘The Simple Things People Do Day to Day’

A “slice of life” may sound like a corny term, but I feel capturing them does play a crucial role in documenting a community. One such quiet moment came in May when I knocked on the door of Maxine and Harold Wright’s home along Route 5 south of White River Junction and asked if I could photograph men working on a water line in their backyard. They said yes, but the minute I walked into the sunny, yellow kitchen of their old farmhouse, I saw

The Year in Photos: ‘Capturing What Was Unfolding’

As a newspaper photographer, I rarely feel comfortable when I click the shutter to take a photo. Usually my knees are burning from kneeling to get the perfect angle or my neck and shoulders are straining under the 10 pounds of camera equipment I regularly carry. Sometimes the discomfort is internal, like when I feel panicked after I arrive at an assignment and only have 10 minutes to make print-worthy images. Being uncomfortable is simply part of the job. When I traveled to Laconia, N.H.,

December Fog

The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge appears to float on a layer of fog blanketing the Connecticut River last week. Valley News — James M. Patterson ∎  Posted to the Valley Visual blog Saturday at 6 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.

Honoring His Brother

John Caswell holds the remaining tiny stub of a candle during a candlelight vigil for homelessness awareness at the Haven in White River Junction. Caswell currently lives at the Haven. Although he has been homeless in the past, Caswell said he wanted to honor the memory of his brother at the vigil because his brother was homeless for a time before committing suicide over ten years ago. Valley News — Sarah Preistap ∎  Posted to the Valley Visual blog Tuesday at 3:35 p.m. Follow the Valley

Reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ (14 Photos and Audio)

Friends and trustees of the Bradford (Vt.) Public Library gathered for their third annual reading of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015. Audio from sections of the reading are presented here along with a selection of images from the evening. • Posted to the Valley Visual blog Saturday at 3:35 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @VNewsUV.

The Other Side of the Valley (2 Photos)

On my way to cover an evening high school football game recently, I was compelled to stop and record two scenes of the Upper Valley’s industrial landscape. Usually commonplace sights that I pass without taking notice, the last dusky light filtered through a clearing sky and valley fog to accentuate the features of the Westboro Rail Yard and the Wilder Dam power station, both important land marks in the region’s history and development. ∎  Posted to the Valley Visual blog Thursday at 6 p.m. Follow the