Letter: Civil War History in Upper Valley

To the Editor:

To many, the Civil War seems like it happened eons ago and way down South, but, as you’ve been reporting in your recent coverage of 150th anniversary commemorations of Civil War events, there are fascinating Civil War sites all around us in the Upper Valley.

You can discover 12 amazing sites on our free Civil War Super Quest. One example is Woodstock’s River Street Cemetery, where George Hart is buried. He was not only a former slave from the South, but after finding freedom in the North, he turned around, joined the Massachusetts’ 54th and went back South with our country’s first black regiment. Or the Fells in Newbury, N.H., which was the summer home to John Hay, Lincoln’s personal secretary. You’ll learn about the critical roles that New Hampshire and Vermont played in the Civil War and discover the treasures that surround you every day in the Upper Valley. Clues can be downloaded here: www.vitalcommunities.org/valleyquest/superquest.cfm.

Mary Margaret Sloan

Executive Director,Vital Communities

White River Junction