Letter: A Business-Unfriendly State

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, Vermont again has made it clear why business owners are not lining up to call Vermont home. First of all, Vermont has fought tooth and nail to get rid of Vermont Yankee. But now that Vermont Yankee is closing, our governor has the audacity to ask for money from Entergy to help with the economic hit that southern Vermont will take when it closes. This is a business that Vermont does not want here at all, including the 600 jobs it provides. This was obvious when no one complained about the lost jobs when Entergy announced its intention to close the plant. On the other hand, they were up in arms over the mention of closing the federally run mail distribution center in White River Junction, which is a money-losing enterprise and employs 200 or so people. If it were a privately run business, it would have gone belly up years ago.

The state of Vermont wants Entergy to pay some kind of fee even when it stops making power. This is incredible! In other words, Vermont is saying: We don’t want you here, but we want your money.

I am neither for nor against nuclear power; it has its place as a business. But I really hope Vermont can do a little better than this if it hopes to attract new business.

Joseph R. Krasnecky

North Hartland