Letter: Right Time for Mascoma Renovation

To the Editor:

I just read the latest epistle from Malcolm Love (“New Mascoma Plan Unaffordable,” Oct. 1), the Mascoma Regional School District’s resident supporter of substandard high school buildings.

As usual, he pontificates about the supposed harm a renovated school would cause so many residents but completely ignores the benefits it would provide to students and staff. Love is great at using half-truths and rumors. I think the truth frightens him. Despite what he thinks, the district has done a great job maintaining its buildings as a tour of the facilities would confirm.

The high school is in good shape but undersized. Maintenance won’t correct that.

If he was being completely honest he’d admit that the real concern is for his own wallet. I consider it hypocritical for him to be living in a home on a lake that was assessed at more than $350,000, according to the 2012 Canaan valuations, and be crying poverty in the newspaper.

For the record, it was not a School Board member who challenged Love’s use of statistics at the meeting. That honor belongs to me.

All his complaining aside, he will never support the renovation. His arguments will only strengthen the resolve of the caring residents of the five towns who do support education.

As far as Love and his minions are concerned, there will never be a right time to renovate the high school. My advice is to recognize that and support this project. Mascoma students and staff deserve this renovation, and the right time is now.

George Caccavaro Jr.

Former business administrator

Mascoma Regional School District



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