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Letter: Voting on Royalton School Budgets

To the Editor:

After a reconsideration petition and subsequent vote regarding the reduction of our school budget by $140,000, I am happy to report that the South Royalton School Board, after much debate, has accomplished this task.

Most of you know that, as a way of moving forward, I recently filed a petition to have consideration of the school budget changed from a floor vote to an Australian ballot. I felt that the change would allow the voices of more voters to be heard. So, I hope I will see you on Aug. 12 at the Royalton School gymnasium at 7:30 p.m. to vote on the article to have Royalton adopt its school budget articles by Australian ballot.

To me, the problem is that not many people come to School Board meetings, and when the budget is passed people tend to complain vehemently. Well, folks, if you’re not there (and I have been guilty of this), you really don’t have a say-so. Let’s start going to these meetings, see how our tax dollars are being spent and offer suggestions on possible spending cuts. Do not think we are going to be able to slash the budget each year as we did this one. The School Board meeting agenda designates time for “public concerns” when anyone can voice a concern.

Just remember: You do not have a legitimate complaint if you don’t attend. Let us all work together, not against each other, and I believe that by passing the Australian ballot article it will mean that more voters will have had their say.

Sandra Manouvelos

South Royalton