Letter: Eliciting Anger, Not Support

To the Editor:

I attended the premier of the wonderful documentary Northern Trespass recently at the Flying Monkey in Plymouth. As I was approaching the theater, I passed the Pemi-Baker Valley Republican Committee office. I was appalled to see a large flat-screen television right up against a large glass window that had a constant feed of inflammatory data being displayed. This is the same office that was vandalized last year. As a county official, I strive to have working relationships with all of the people of the county and state, regardless of party affiliation. To my brothers and sisters at Pemi-Baker Republicans: What are you hoping to accomplish here? This is a college town, and your office is located between restaurants, bars and the movie theater. When I left the movie, which coincidentally speaks beautifully of an issue that crosses all party lines and has unified us, the feed was still running. I really hope that you will reconsider this tactic and be more considerate of your neighbors, your insurance carrier and the public at large.

Kelley Monahan

Register of Deeds, Grafton County