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Letter: Sanders’ Nagging Ailment

To the Editor:

It became apparent to me, but only after indulging in it myself, that aging increases the temptation to turn conversation toward the boring topic of personal ailments.

And we do this despite having interesting topics to discuss such as Sen. Bernie Sanders’ latest comic turn — schlepping Denmark’s ambassador around Vermont to promote one of Sanders’ continuing fantasies: The United States, a large and diverse country of 360 million multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual people, should emulate Denmark, a small, homogenous, socialistic state of 5 million. Denmark protects its monocultural heritage with strict immigration laws and closed borders.

Poor Bernie. It appears that freedom of enterprise — capitalism — is his personal ailment. As boring as the senator is, there is a certain amount of humor to be derived from his repetitive declarations.

William Kevan