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Letter: Fall of the American Empire

To the Editor:

Toleration is moral cowardice. It is the inability to stand for anything, so by default one stands for everything. Toleration is the vice that stands in opposition to the virtue of patience. Patience is the virtue of enduring suffering now in the firm hope of attaining a greater good later. Toleration is the vice of enduring evil now in the hope of postponing suffering until later.

In five-plus millennia of recorded history, there have been only two superpowers. A superpower is defined as a power absolutely dominant militarily, politically, economically and culturally — but not morally. These two superpowers are the Roman and American empires. Rome fell for two reasons. First, it tolerated every conceivable aberrant human behavior. Second, according to Edward Gibbons in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, it collapsed economically when it squandered its wealth fighting first the Sassanid Persians and later the Parthians in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq.

Sound familiar? American today is a national moral miasma engaged in ultra-expensive wars in the same region of the Middle East. We are witnessing the liquidation of America as it hurtles toward financial and moral bankruptcy. The bottom line is that this political problem (read moral problem) will not be fixed by an economic patch. No nation in recorded history has ever survived toleration of widespread immorality. America will not be the first.

Most world religions preach collective responsibility that holds the criminal’s family and friends equally as guilty for the crime as the criminal himself. Tolerating these religions means tolerating revenge. Terrorism is a certain indicator that a revengist ideology masquerading as a religion has no god.

Do not believe for a second that America is unworthy of defense! America is a brilliant beacon in the sordid history of mankind’s revenge rage. America works because revenge doesn’t. The acceptance of toleration in America will simultaneously mark the rise of the injustice of revenge and the decline of America. America is about to be engulfed by a tsunami of terror. Its only hope as a nation lies in a tyranny of morality.

Michael Johnson



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