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Letter: The Gun Vote in Hartford

To the Editor:

I beg to differ with Dick Brooks’ April 21 letter (“We Need Gun Owners’ Help”) concerning the Hartford Town Meeting of April 6 and the decision to indefinitely postpone a vote on an article supporting various gun-control measures. I, for one, voted against it not just as a procedural matter but also a substantive one. And many others shared my opinion.

Actually, there has been much discussion concerning these proposals — and much one-sided misinformation has been spread about the use of guns. For example, supporters of this measure claimed that 33 people die daily from gunshots — a figure Brooks upped to 85 — but no one mentions the hundreds of thousands of lives saved or crimes deterred yearly by the use of guns by homeowners, business owners and others who are legally carrying firearms.

I handed out 20 sheets concerning gun control at the meeting. On the back of each were six stories or incidents where a gun saved someone’s life. Each sheet was different, meaning there were 120 separate stories — none of which has ever been written about in local media that I know of. Yet, after the shootings in Newtown, Conn., there were stories dug up from all over the country about other shootings.

Instead of being sheep and following the flock, the people of Hartford rejected hysteria and made a wise decision.

Arthur Peale

West Hartford


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