Letter: An Amazing Act of Kindness

To the Editor:

I want to thank staff photographer Sarah Priestap and the Valley News for publishing the photo of my son, Mason Mathews, in the April 6 edition. The photo showed my son selling dolls that he and his grandmother made, to raise money to attend Camp Good News in Charlestown.

Mason and the rest of the family are so extremely grateful. Not long after the photo appeared, I received a phone call from Camp Good News. The camp official was quite excited to report to me that a couple, who would like to remain anonymous, had donated the $300 that it costs for Mason to attend a week of camp. He is so excited. When I told him the news, he said, “Wow, really? Someone did that for me? It’s not every day that happens! I didn’t expect you to say that at all!”

He has been working so hard to earn money for camp, doing things from shoveling and selling the dolls, soda, water and even his Easter candy. I just cannot thank you and the anonymous donor enough. I had to fight tears all that day. What an amazing act of kindness and generosity. We need more of this kind of thing in the world today.

Nichole Thibodeau



Camping Out

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mason Mathews, 10, of Claremont, adjusts one of the dolls he was selling in his grandmother’s front yard in Claremont yesterday. Mason and his grandmother made the dolls to sell so that he can raise money in order to attend Camp Good News in Charlestown, N.H., this summer. Valley News — Sarah Priestap …