Letter: Public Interest Should Prevail on Moose Mountain

To the Editor:

The Hanover Selectboard will hold an important meeting regarding the future of Moose Mountain on Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall. A proposal has been made by the Robes family for the Probate Court to divide the land (now jointly owned by the town and the Robes family) to permit a single-family home to be built in an area currently considered protected land open to the public.

As an abutter to this property and the owner of the Baum Conservation Area, I believe that this proposal, which was made last year, is not in the best interest of the other landowners or in the best interest of the community as a whole.

We are requesting the town to ask the court not to divide the property but to order the sale of the Robes’ half-interest in the property to the town. It is clear that the original request to divide the property in an equitable manner is impossible. Assuming the court does order a division, the Robes’ intention to build will lead to years of litigation over zoning, building codes, the lack of road access and the issues of wetlands protection and environmental damage to a beaver pond and the headwaters of Mink Brook.

I believe that the public interest trumps the right of any individual to build on this property. Come and share your opinions at this meeting.

Jim Baum