Letter: Improper Use of Email in Dorchester

To the Editor:

On March 8, I received a double email from Emergency Management Director and Selectman Artie Burdette. The email regarded the possibility of Dorchester receiving a mitigation grant for the North Dorchester Road. In the email, Burdette heaped praise on Selectman Sherman Hallock, who was an incumbent running for a second term, while at the same time denigrating others who served in the past.

Burdette should not be using a town email, a privileged list of addresses, to help promote anyone’s election by promoting that individual and his supposed accomplishment just prior to the Town Meeting election. The emergency management director’s use of the email violates the intent behind the creation of that list of addresses — the dispersal of emergency information. This is very unfair, due to other candidates not having access to the addresses, and unprofessional. This matter would have been more appropriately communicated at the end of Town Meeting, under “other business,” where pertinent information and accolades are bestowed. An apology to Dorchester’s citizens would be in order.

John Franz



Letter: Different Reading of Dorchester Email

Saturday, March 16, 2013

To the Editor: It continues to amaze me that people can read the same email and interpret the words in so many different ways. I, too, received the email announcement from Artie Burdette that so offended John Franz. I saw none of the information Franz related in his letter published March 14 (“Improper Use of Email”). This email neither “heaps …

Letter: Questionable Practice in Dorchester

Monday, March 25, 2013

To the Editor: In her March 21 letter (“Different Reading of Email”), Elizabeth Trought demonstrated her loyalty to her friends, the Dorchester selectmen. However, when she noted that different people “can read the same email and interpret the words in many different ways,” she totally missed the point of John Franz’ letter to which she was objecting. Franz had written …