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Letter: Time to Change Policy Toward Israel

To the Editor:

On March 6, 13,000 people attended the annual convention of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee in Washington D.C. This group, the core of the “Israel lobby,” dispatched thousands of the attendees by bus to Capitol Hill, where they presented the group’s three demands to all of our representatives and senators. These demands are:

∎ If Israel goes to war with Iran, the U.S. will automatically join the war on Israel’s side.

∎  Israel be granted a new status, not held by any other country on Earth, that of “major strategic ally” of the U.S.

∎ When the rest of the U.S. defense budget is reduced by the sequester, the $30 billion destined for Israel over the next 10 years not be reduced.

The first of these is clearly the most outrageous. It amounts to permitting Israel to declare the U.S. at war with a third country. All three, however, serve Israel’s interests and damage the U.S., either financially or in our foreign relations.

It is time to change our rubber-stamp policy toward Israel. Many organizations have begun petition drives to let our Congress know that the majority of Americans oppose these measures strongly. I hope that my fellow citizens in the Upper Valley will add their voices by calling, writing and emailing their congressional delegations and telling them not to meet these demands.

Mary J. Wilson



Letter: Standing By Our Friends

Thursday, March 28, 2013

To the Editor: Mary Wilson’s March 17 letter (“Time to Change Policy Toward Israel”) contains blatant falsehoods and double standards concerning Israel, AIPAC and America’s support for Israel. She says “the majority of Americans oppose” support for Israel. A Gallup Poll in February found that sympathy for Israel tied the all-time high of 64 percent. On his recent trip to …