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Letter: For Newport School Treasurer

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Robert Scott, a write-in candidate for Newport School District treasurer. Scott has been the treasurer for 25 years and has served this community well. In the spirit of cooperation, he contacted the other announced candidate and discussed the possibility of each of them running for one of the open offices. The other candidate was not willing to discuss this option. It is for this reason, I urge you to write him in for treasurer and district clerk.

I have had experience with Gordon Flint Jr., the other candidate, as the treasurer of SAU 43. He was very difficult to work with. He would not sign manifests in a timely manner or respond to requests to come into the office and do treasurer’s work. Vendors waited for payment, often adding interest to the bill; faculty members were not reimbursed for expenses; and necessary paperwork was often behind. Flint is not the person for the job.

Scott served on the Newport School Board for five years and has been treasurer and clerk for many years, having always attended to his responsibilities in a timely way. He would make himself available, even when he was working out of state, by coming in on the weekends to make sure that the manifests were signed so that the bills could be paid on time. He worked well with the business managers we have had over the past 25 years and is well versed on what documents need to be filed with the state. He worked well with the superintendents and took an interest in how the schools were doing and what students were doing. He created a mentorship program for students who needed an extra boost. His support was appreciated and he often offered good suggestions to improve the educational programs. It was under his leadership that we started an adult education and enrichment program in the mid-’90s — something future boards failed to support.

I believe that Scott has run unopposed for years because the community is comfortable and confident in his abilities.

Virginia O’Brien Irwin

Selectman, legislator and former interim superintendent of schools