Letter: Dan Goulet’s Knowledge of Norwich Runs Deep

Goulet’s Knowledge Runs Deep

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Dan Goulet in his bid to join the Norwich Selectboard. Though I moved to Norwich in 1999, it wasn’t until I met Dan, in 2006, that I felt myself a part of the town. Dan has been a part of Norwich all his life. His mother grew up here and made sure Norwich was an integral part of Dan’s life no matter where they lived in Vermont, such that when he moved back, he was “coming home.” Dan knows every inch of Norwich; he’s walked its trails, tended its woods and introduced many to the secrets of its wildlife. He cares deeply about protecting the integrity and balance of land use that makes Norwich unique; his tireless work with the Conservation Commission attests to this commitment.

Dan cares equally for Norwich’s residents and homes. In meaningful ways, he’s changed the lives of those who have been blessed to know him. We are his people and community, and he looks after us. He is the one who will, unasked (and uncompensated), drop off a load of firewood for an elderly woman who has trouble leaving her house. He will arrive at the Transfer Station bearing hot coffee, because it’s cold out and he was “going there anyway.” On afternoons when I come home to find birds clustering around the feeder I forgot to fill, I know he’s been by, just to check in.

Dan’s knowledge of this town runs deep. He knows its people, its buildings and its land. He is a regular presence throughout Norwich, and wherever he goes, he talks with people. He knows the issues that are important to them and — from dollars to floorboards to riparian impact — he knows the pragmatic realities of addressing them. Dan speaks his mind and is truthful. Always. It’s a quality I respect and trust.

Dan Goulet’s love for this community, in all of its complexity, is, for me, what it means to call a town “home.”

Julie Kalish