Letter: Irrational Oratory

To the Editor:

I am a citizen who is both protective of and grateful for our constitutional rights and freedoms in the United States and would fight to defend them. I also am grateful when we, through our elected government representatives, enact legislation that is intended to help protect innocent people from violent people while ensuring that our rights as citizens are not unduly compromised. For the life of me, I have no idea how being just a tiny bit more careful about dangerous people getting ahold of lethal weapons while ensuring the right of honest ones to bear arms infringes on our basic freedoms. As quoted in the Valley News Feb. 13, New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro, a Republican, said in defense of voting down recent gun control legislation: “If a criminal wants you, they’re going to get you, whether it be with a knife or a gun ... don’t make criminals out of our citizens here in New Hampshire.”

And this guy is responsible for helping to pass laws we all have to live with? Thanks for the deep forward thinking, Al. This type of irrational oratory can only be solved at the ballot box.

Roger McWilliams