Letter: Too Many Lies

To the Editor:

When we were kids, if we caught a person lying we’d often call out, “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” while pointing at them. Maybe it’s time we did that while pointing at President Obama.

We now know that the attack on Benghazi was not a random demonstration caused by a video as he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton maintained from the start, but a well orchestrated attack by elements of al-Qaida and that they both had this knowledge from the beginning. This is according to the U.S. Senate report on the incident, a report by the same Senate whose majority is Democratic. They stuck to this lie for weeks even in the face of growing proof otherwise.

Bad you say? Yes, but the president was telling bigger lies for far longer. You know the lies: If you like your health-care plan you can keep it, period. If you like your doctor, you can keep him, period. No one is going to take your health-care plan away from you.

Remember how the average health-care premium would go down by $2,500 a year? All the time he knew these statements were not true, yet he repeated them many, many times over.

Why did he and Secretary Clinton do this? It’s obvious, isn’t it? The truth would harm their political careers. His signature policy win, Obamacare, would be exposed for the abject failure it is, and his claims about al-Qaida being on the run weren’t true, and his ability to respond to a crisis was wanting at best, all of which would have affected his re-election chances. Clinton’s management of the State Department and the safety of our diplomats was also a failure. Clearly that would cause voters to question her ability to manage the federal government should she be elected president. So the solution to all their problems seems to have been to lie.

J. Cheston M. Newbold