Letter: Bring on the Occom Pond Party

To the Editor:

“The ice was here, the ice was there, The ice was all around …” in Coleridge’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner , as well as recent Valley News stories, photos and home deliveries. Our paper was not delivered Jan. 11 for the first time in my memory. The ice storm prevented Penny, our dependable paper deliverer, from making her crack-of-dawn road trip. Ice will be all around Occom Pond soon as we harvest a few hundred blocks to build a castle, slides and sculptures on Feb. 1. The following Saturday, Feb. 8, Hanover Parks and Recreation will throw its annual Occom Pond Party.

The Valley News “Ice Harvest” photo (Jan. 14) on Squam Lake was inspiring for our castle crew. A famous French Canadian song describes this season well: “Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays. C’est l’hiver. Translation: My country it is not a country. It is the winter.”

Bring on the winter, snow and ice.

William W. Young



Ice Harvest

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blocks of ice float in Squaw Cove on Thursday in Sandwich, N.H., ready to be harvested and put into the ice house at Rockywold-Deephaven Camp. For more than a century ice has been taken from Squaw Lake and stored in an ice house to be used by summer residents at the camp. More than 3,500 blocks of ice will be …