Letter: Progress in Windsor

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the residents of Windsor for allowing me to serve on the Selectboard from 2006 to early March of this year. It is with great satisfaction that I look back at what we, collectively as a community, accomplished during this time. Some of the more important achievements include:

∎ Re-instatement of the town manager form of government and the hiring of a dynamic town manager.

∎ Clarifying roles and responsibilities of Selectboard members relative to those of the town manager and department heads.

∎ Restructuring municipal operations, resulting in greater value per tax dollar of revenue.

∎ Renewed investments in capital infrastructure and equipment.

∎ Excellent hiring and staffing decisions.

∎ Expanded regional cooperation in the areas of wastewater management and emergency services, and related increases in sources of nontax revenue.

∎ Tax increases limited to approximately 1 percent a year, on average.

While challenges lie ahead, the community is well positioned for the future. Municipal services in Windsor are functioning better than they have in years, and the town’s financial position is stronger than any time in recent history. A stable, progressive municipal government has, in turn, helped promote revitalization in the private sector. Storefronts on Main Street are full, and small-business growth continues to add needed jobs and bring welcome visitors to town. Road, sidewalk and other visible community enhancement projects, financed largely by external resources bolstered by town matching funds, are set to begin with the arrival of spring and summer. All the more reason to look forward to warmer temperatures!

John Tansey