Letter: A Lesson in Elementary Spanish

To the Editor:

With reference to Nicola Smith’s article about the tuition waiver for Vermont seniors (“Tuition Waiver for Vermont Seniors,” Dec. 4): If she’s going to quote Spanish phrases, have someone who speaks the language edit her copy. Even first-year students know to say ¿Te gustan las papas fritas? In this reverse order of things from the way we say it in English, the verb agrees with the subject, not the pronoun. And she got the gender wrong. Papas are feminine. Also, ¿Te gustan los huevos? Huevos are spelled with an h. Maybe Maybe the teacher of the class will take Smith under her wing or at least be asked to edit her copy. Muchas gracias.

Ridge Satterthwaite

Former Spanish instructor, Dartmouth College

Post Mills