Letter: What’s Changed on Route 4

To the Editor:

I’ve seen many suggestions for how to fix the problems on Route 4. I have been driving this road for close to 31 years. The road really hasn’t changed much in that time. It’s been paved two or three times. Painted also. The speed limit has been reduced in several places. But it is still the same old road.

So what has changed? I think it is partially just sheer volume. There are more people in the Upper Valley who travel that route. I think it is also just plain lack of attention and failure to obey the basic rules of the road.

My example and reason for this letter occurred one recent morning at 5:15. I have been really trying to keep to the posted speed limits, even though, honestly, it can be tough. Clearly, however, that was not good enough for the driver of a concrete truck. So there I was, in my little 1994 truck with an 18-wheeler no more than eight feet behind me driving through the fog from Woodstock to Interstate 89. I probably should have pulled off, but I am pretty sure he would not have been able to brake in time.

So, folks, remember the two-second rule. If you can’t slowly count to two in the time it takes you to pass a landmark that the car in front of you just passed, you are too close. The laws of physics will not be denied. If the person in front of you hits the brakes, you will plow into him.

And to that truck driver: Fractions of a second don’t cut it.

Karl Huck



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