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Forum, Aug. 7: Unchristian Act by a Church; Beware of Single-Payer Critics; The Real Oppressor in Gaza and Israel

Unchristian Act by a Church

To the Editor:

At the Dorchester Selectboard meeting of July 17, the trustees of the Dorchester Community Church, Grace Fraser, Patricia Franz and Michelle Fistek, presented arguments opposing the actions of the Selectboard, which holds the opinion that while there is a historic church building, no regularly scheduled church functions or community outreach are happening. Therefore, in the Selectboard’s opinion, the building is subject to taxation.

During the course of discussion, a veiled threat was made by one of the trustees regarding the water supply to the Town Hall/Grange. On July 24, the town received a letter from the trustees’ attorney, Peter Decato, stating that the town is no longer allowed to draw water from the church’s well, as it had historically done. To our knowledge, the church receives no water from this well; the sole purpose was to supply the Town Hall/Grange and the town has maintained the well, pump and plumbing.

This spiteful, petty act of vengeance was directed at the Selectboard members; however, it impacts the entire citizenry of Dorchester. Indeed, on July 26 a water tank and portable toilet had to be imported for a funeral service held at the Town Hall. The trustees’ action hardly qualifies as a Christian act of charity, nor does it follow the Christian admonition to turn the other cheek.

I believe that the majority of the people of Dorchester want a thriving community church; however, the current trustees do not appear to be promoting a welcoming church.

Elizabeth A. Trought

William S. Trought


Who Is the Real Oppressor?

To the Editor:

A short history lesson regarding the oppressor nation Israel. Given statehood by the United Nations on May 14, 1948, it was simultaneously attacked by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan and smaller Arab nations. On Oct. 29, 1956, it was once again attacked by Egypt. On June 15, 1967, Egypt attacked again. On Oct. 6, 1973, on Yom Kippur, it was attacked by Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Libya. In 19-plus years, it was forced to defend itself four times. Does this sound like an oppressor nation or one being oppressed?

The nations of this world have donated millions of dollars to the Palestinian people, who are not wanted by their own Arab neighbors. Millions of dollars that should have aided the Palestinians to improve their infrastructure went instead into building tunnels. Tunnels. Not highways; not schools; not hospitals; but tunnels to send guerrillas into a neighboring state to cause mayhem.

Are we so blinded by the media reports of civilian casualties that we fail to see what is really happening? A country smaller than the state of Rhode Island, surrounded by Arab nations, is defending itself against tyranny. Defending its sovereignty is not being an oppressor. It is its God-given right.

Sol Cohen


Keith Page: A Worthy Life

To the Editor:

Thanks to Tris Wykes for the story about Keith Page in the “A Life” feature on Monday.

As a kid, he was sweet, funny and enthusiastic. Keith’s parents would have been proud of his accomplishments.

Terry Boone


Beware Single-Payer Critics

To the Editor:

Allan R. Wylie’s letter (“Beware Single-Payer,” July 30) seemed confused in purpose, wrapped in a gaffe, to bring us to a denouncement which has already disproved itself. Mr. Wylie asserted that single-payer is bad because of what is happening at the VA. “Those enthusiastically anticipating full implementation of Obamacare or single-payer health care (in Vermont),” he says, “would be wise to take a close look at what has been happening in the VA.” Then this line: “I have read of and personally experienced excellent care at the VA. It is my experience that the caregivers, nurses and doctors at the VA are top-notch.” Then the error. Mr. Wylie suggests that the trauma with the VA and, by association, single-payer, is bureaucrats: “it is the bureaucrat who sets budgets and determines policies,” he wrote. It is not bureaucrats who set policy. It is legislators. If Mr. Wylie looked as closely as he advised us to do, he would have seen how the Republicans in Congress recently blocked much-needed funding for the VA at a time when it is having to absorb so many, many thousands of veterans from our last decade of wars who need its services.

“What will happen to us,” Mr. Wylie asks, “when there is no outside free-market system?” For one, we will not have some 45,000 Americans dying annually for lack of access to health care. We will have guaranteed universal access irrespective from employment, income eligibility and those other walls the free-market system erects to thwart access to care on behalf of Wall Street. We will have, for once, a system of health insurance which is ours as a public good. As someone who nearly was one of those 45,000, I know exactly what this means.

Walter Carpenter


Support Conservative Candidates

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, all of those who vote Republican should be present at their town voting locations. Sunapee uses the Sherburne Gym. This is an extremely important election and it is vitally important that we choose candidates that are able to carry the day in the general election and whom we can trust to obey and protect our Constitutional rights as we move out of the morass in the country.

We have two such candidates for national office we should examine. I recommend that we vote for them in the primary and then in the general election to ensure we meet that duty to understand the Constitution. The first is Jim Rubens for the U.S. Senate. Jim is a great individual, strong on constitutional rights and ready to move into leadership in many areas. He has served the State of New Hamphire and our GOP at the state level and has demonstrated that leadership many times. He will lead in the U.S. Senate.

The other candidate I support is Marilinda Garcia to represent us in the 2nd Congressional District. She is yet another fine example of what New Hampshire can offer and she too has worked diligently at the state level and has a strong GOP conservative record.

Both of these members of the New Hampshire community have been tried and tested and have not been found wanting.

Stephen White