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Letter: Ultimate Test of Presidents

To the Editor:

The news over the past year has been full of reports about government missteps — from Benghazi to the IRS scandal to the NSA spying on world leaders to Saudi Arabia’s and other friends’ unhappiness with us. Now with the ignominious rollout of the Affordable Care Act, we have been hit/entertained by yet another screw-up. Couple this with the inability of Washington to deal with budget issues and illegal immigration, and we appear to have a dysfunctional government that is out of control.

There is plenty of blame to go around, and some of it surely belongs to the American people, who voted in these characters. But these times are not unique in our history, as any reading if it will show. What the president does to make the country function effectively, and make it a better place for us, our children and our grandchildren, is what will determine his competence, or perhaps even his greatness. When all is said and done, the great presidents are remembered for knowing what is happening and taking the appropriate steps to make them happen for our benefit.

I am certain that our current president wants to be remembered for doing great things. He has, however, throughout most of these crises, pleaded ignorance, and his responses have been dissembling, at best. One is left to ask, as columnists recently have, “Is it better that he didn’t know about his administration’s missteps, or that he knew about them and didn’t stop them (or did not care)?” Is our cool, calm, collected and so-called cerebral president just there for the glory (and the vacations)? Or is he concerned, engaged and effectively making the decisions that are required for greatness? The president is the leader of our country, and of the Democratic Party. You be the judge; your answer and your decision on how you support this president and his followers will affect all of us, and more so our progeny, for decades to come.

Peter Rucci

New London