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Letter: Too Much, Too Late

To the Editor:

Last Sunday, the largest and most prominent story in your paper was a hard-hitting exposé detailing the bankruptcy of a local auto dealer (“Left in Bankruptcy’s Wake”). In 2007. Please check your calendar; mine says “2013.” Your writer appears to have approached this assignment with a level of investigative zeal appropriate for covering Whitey Bulger or the Rwandan genocide. Perhaps a little better sense of proportion would be in order.

David Gelhar

White River Junction


Left in Bankruptcy’s Wake: Some Who Loaned Andrew Button Money Now Lament Trusting Him 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten years ago, it would have been difficult to find a bigger golden boy in the Upper Valley than Andrew Button. He was on his way to owning five car dealerships. He accumulated real estate like he was playing Monopoly. Mascoma Savings Bank was loaning millions to his business ventures. Individuals were writing him six-figure checks. He flew airplanes and …