Letter: Making Good Use of Those Empties

To the Editor:

The Hartford Selectboard is trying to decide whether to pay for curbside recycling. I have a good idea about how to help with this. Here in White River Junction there lives a sweet lady in her 50s who I always see walking down the road with a buggy that she pulls behind her. It is often full of bottles and cans. One day, I stopped to talk to her. She had quite a bit to say. She lives on Social Security, just lost her beloved husband, and she collects bottles and cans as a way of getting daily exercise and helping with finances. Besides giving her extra money to survive through the month, it gives her a reason to get out of the house and meet people. Now, that’s what I call work.

I often hear people complain about those who just sit around and collect government benefits. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could leave our empty bottle and cans for people like this woman?

Linda Carbino

White River Junction


Reprieve for Recycling: Hartford to Continue Pickup for 6 Months

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hartford — Residents utilizing the curbside recycling program can continue to place bottles and cans at the end of their driveways next year as the Selectboard voted Tuesday night to fund the service for an additional six months. The Selectboard voted 6-1 after hearing comments from residents — all in favor of the program that has been in place for …