Letter: Democrats Disappoint on Pipeline

To the Editor:

Now let me get this straight. A large group of Democrats (senators) petitioned the president to say “yes” to the Keystone pipeline. Ouch! Seems that they are facing tough campaigns against Republicans who, along with their investors, are overwhelmingly for it. Why? Well, profit, I guess.

Keystone supporters say that it will bring jobs to the area. Fact is, the pipeline poses real danger to America. It is Canadian oil headed to China through 1,200 miles of America’s heartland. It crosses the Ogalala aquifier, for starters. This is a huge storage of underground fresh water shale. Imagine the strong chances of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and terrorism in the years ahead. And for what purpose? A giant oil pipeline? Investments? There are thousands of clean investments out there. Keystone is not one of them.

The senators’ proposal to “play nice” with Republicans on an issue that favors “business as usual” over a popular resistence to Keystone is a bad idea. Obama later postponed a decision on the pipeline. Still, it is disturbing.

So, Democrats, propose a jobs bill for bridges and highways through the proposed Keystone territory. The GOP will say “yes” for Keystone but “no” for the jobs bill.

Whenever the moral high ground is handed to you, use that, too, for a change.

Al Stevens