Tips for Selling Your Home During the Summer

Tips for selling a home in the slow summer months:

∎ Keep the air conditioning running to ensure that the house is cool, especially on the upper floors, which tend to be warmer.

∎ With kids out of school, keeping the home clean becomes more of a challenge. Try to send the children to camp or to stay with grandparents during the first few weeks of a summer listing.

∎ Prevent the accumulation of odors inside the house, which can be pronounced in the summer. Eliminate pet odors and keep the garbage outdoors.

∎ Keep drapes open (or even remove them) to let in as much natural light as possible, and keep windows clean.

∎ Pack away winter clothing to make more room in your closets.

∎ Have fresh fruit and chilled water or lemonade on hand for prospective buyers.

∎ Keep the lawn manicured and plant colorful flowers to enhance curb appeal.

∎ Stage the outside of the home to simulate preparations for an outdoor gathering.

∎ Enhance the atmosphere of a back yard or a terrace with a trickling fountain.

— Michele Lerner