Letter: Hartford’s Decision on Recycling

To the Editor:

There will be a special meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5 , at 6 p.m. at the Bugbee Senior Center to decide if Hartford will use $75,000 from surplus revenue to fund the curbside recycling program through next June, the end of the town’s fiscal year. According to an Oct. 23 Valley News article, the Selectboard didn’t fund the town’s curbside recycling service for the entire year because of confusion about the timing of Act 148, which eventually will require private haulers to pick up recyclables.

Selectman Ken Parker is opposed to funding the curbside recycling program, saying it would amount to casting aside a budget decision already made and noting that we “are going to have to pay for it sometime.”

Selectman F.X. Flinn, however, is willing to take what he describes as “unspent money” to keep the program going until a transition can be made. Town Manager Hunter Rieseberg has said that there was nearly $200,000 left over from the 2012-2013 budget.

As taxpayers are already paying for curbside recycling in Hartford; as it is already a successful program with nearly 40 percent of residents participating; and as the whole point of curbside pickup is to encourage residents to recycle, I urge residents to attend this meeting to voice their opinion.

Karen Ruth Richardson

White River Junction


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