Tunbridge Town Meeting 2013 Results


Number of Voters: 202

Number on Checklist: 983

Town Moderator: Euclid Farnham

Selectboard: Gary Mullen

Town Clerk: Wendy McCullough

Treasurer: Anne Fragnella

Lister: Pending

Auditor: Rebecca Hoyt

Auditor: Betsy Race

Town Agent: Erin Gooch

Town Grand Juror: Lenora Kimball

First Constable: Anthony Welch

Second Constable: Michael O'Donnell

Cemetery Commissioner: Baxter Doty

Trustee Public Funds: Robert Howe

Library Trustee: Catherine Freese

Library Trustee: Anne Mallary

Library Trustee: Anita Abbot

School Moderator: Euclid Farnham

School Director: Amy Frost


Ambulance Service Draws Attention in Tunbridge

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tunbridge — At this year’s Town Meeting, divisions still lingered from last year’s controversy over the performance and responsibility of First Branch Ambulance in providing emergency services in town. By a vote of 108-61, residents defeated an amendment put forth by Deb Mullen of First Branch Ambulance to appropriate $45,000 to cover the entire town, rather than only North Tunbridge. …