Birth Announcements: Nov. 3, 2013

Cottage Hospital

ROGERS — A son, Conner Michael Rogers, born June 1, 2013, to Kathryn and Jessey Rogers, of Bradford, Vt.

WELLS — A daughter, Zoey Ann Wells, born June 4, 2013, to Carissa and Zachary Wells, of North Haverhill.

STYGLES — A son, Carter Ray Stygles, born June 5, 2013, to Jennifer Carter and Tyler Stygles, of Orford.

LADEAU — A daughter, Sierra Mackenzie Ladeau, born June 6, 2013, to Jamie Murray and Nicholas Ladeau, of South Ryegate, Vt.

MARTIN — A daughter, Alianna Rae Martin, born July 4, 2013, to Rachel and Keith Martin, of Newbury, Vt

WILLIAMS — A daughter, Gwyneth Campbell Williams, born July 12, 2013, to Lisa and Derek Williams, of Bradford, Vt.

GILLINGHAM — A daughter, Ayva Jayne Gillingham, born July 27, 2013, to Laura and Scott Gillingham, of Woodsville.

WATSON — A son, Grady Jay Watson, born August 30, 2013, to Myrrhanda and Jason Watson, of Piermont.

FELLOWS — A son, Tucker Fellows, born Sept. 8, 2013, to Samantha Carle and Joshua Fellows, of Woodsville.

CANFIELD — A son, Bentley Shawn Canfield, born Sept. 2, 2013, to Lisa Canfield and David Stearns, of Newbury, Vt.

HAHR — A son , Eugene Francis Hahr, born Sept. 15, 2013, to Marianne and Jonah Hahr, of Newbury, Vt.

SACKETT — A son, Owen Levi Sackett, born Sept. 19, 2013 to Kayla Sackett, of Woodsville.

FULLER — A daughter, Madison Fuller, born Sept. 22, 2013, to Julie Fuller, of Wells River.