Grandparents Brag: Sept. 15, 2013

OSGOOD — A granddaughter, Jayde Nichole Osgood, born July 31, 2013, to maternal grandparents Glen and Andrea Zambon, of Newbury, Vt., and Priscilla Darling and William Arps, of Fine, N.Y.; paternal grandparents Audrey Osgood, of Bradford, Vt., and Paul Osgood of Chelsea; maternal great-grandparents Bob and Lois Zambon, of Ryegate, and Marion Darling, of Groton, Vt.; and paternal great-grandparents Verna and Ned Carter, of Bradford, Vt.

STANLEY — A grandson, William Austin Stanley, born Aug. 31, 2013, to maternal grandparents Diane Taylor, of Orford, and Garry Taylor, of Bowling Green, Ky.; and paternal grandparents Nancy Fontaine, of Charlestown, and Dean Stanley, of East Thetford.