Letter: A Different Reading of the Bible

To the Editor:

In response to the recent letter from W. B. Fisk Sr. (“It’s a Matter of Choice,” April 2), we commend him for encouraging people to read the Bible and we join him in affirming that God loves all people, but we lament the fact that his very literalistic reading of Scripture leads him to many misunderstandings about God’s creation and human sexuality. By taking a few Bible verses out of context, with no regard for their historical background, he is led to condemn the Norwich Boy Scout troop for seeking to move away from a very exclusionary policy with regard to gay Scout members and leaders. Fisk’s judgmental attitude saddens us, especially because he claims to know more than a little about Scripture.

As pastors serving congregations in the Bradford area, we hope readers of the letter will not assume that he speaks for the many Christians who are devoted to thoughtful reading of Scripture and who are open to God’s continuing revelation about human relationships.

John Morris

Fairlee (Episcopal)

Karen Lipinczyk

Bradford (Congregational)

Mari Clark

Bradford (Methodist)

Michael Caldwell

East Corinth (Congregational)


Letter: It’s a Matter of Choice

Friday, March 22, 2013

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