We All Know the Seven Dwarfs, but What If There Were Eight?

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In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , people don’t realize that there is a major mistake — they are missing the eighth dwarf: Fluffy. Fluffy is the typical dwarf that gets in the middle of fights. He’ll do something like leave his overalls in the middle of Grumpy’s pillow. Grumpy gets mad and Fluffy is the one to blame, almost like Dopey, but guess what? Fluffy is different. He starts tickling Grumpy and Grumpy begins to laugh ... Fluffy is a vital part of the dwarf family, and I — who know the truth about Fluffy — am almost furious that he wasn’t included in the fairytale.

I hope you all know Snow White. Am I right? OK, good. Everything you know is wrong. Snow White wasn’t really called that. Her name was Coal Black. Coal Black was in some trouble with Gold E. Locks, and she needed a getaway.

I’m the dwarf everyone forgot. Probably because I’m a girl. And that’s really annoying. My name is Tough …

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Once upon a time, while seven dwarves were out stealing (their work), they found a little baby dwarf wrapped in blankets. They knew he was a dwarf, because he was smaller than a human baby.

He seemed to be talking to himself, grumbling and complaining. One dwarf, Happy, said; “Why don’t we keep him? Nobody is caring for him.”

The others agreed.

They took him home, out of the cold, and to the warmth of the dwarves’ little hut. The baby was still grumbling to himself in that odd way.

“Why don’t we name him Rumble?” Doc suggested. “For he’s always rumbling, mumbling, grumbling and complaining.”

So the seven other dwarves raised Rumble, and taught him how to fight, and steal, and everything a dwarf needs to know. Rumble always grumbled, rumbled, mumbled and could always find something to complain about. He grew and, despite his negative attitude, was truly a success to the seven others.

  My family is all boys. Boys, boys, boys. But what about me? The only girl. There is Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy and me, Bashful.

Yes, I know there is already a Bashful, and maybe that is why you don’t know anything about me, well except my name, but anyway I am here. Just because my brother and I have the same name, that does not mean we’re the same person. I am bashful and I am not my brother!

If you ask me, the name Bashful suits me better than my brother. My brother is a wannabe Bashful. Yes, sure he gets pink when anyone compliments him or asks for his opinion. But me, I get so red, like a ripe tomato, any time someone talks to me! Not that anyone does, since I am four years younger than Bashful.

So my brother is apparently more important; he is the more known Bashful just because he is older. Not fair! And that is probably why Snow White doesn’t know about me.

I want to be known as the eighth dwarf. I want to be part of this story! I am sick of living under my brother’s shadow. I want to be Quirky.


  When Online, the dwarf, was born on December 5, 2012, he was composing a tweet. OMG! Just got born! #Hello World. Since then, he has never been seen not on his iPhone. It’s been said that he never sleeps. On his 30th birthday he was walking through the woods when he hit a tree. He took a picture of the tree and posted it to Instagram. LOL. Just bumped into a tree. #Ouch. After a little more Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Snapchat, Foursquare, Google+, texting, and all of the other social media, he stumbled upon a cabin with a 69-year-old woman and some old dwarves. Online took a picture of them and said to them, “You’re really old.”

“We were originally written about in 1944, so we have been living like this since then,” Snow White replied.

“I don’t like being old,” Grumpy murmured ...

Snow White came over and started to talk to Online when she realized he wasn’t listening. She got very angry, for she had suffered about 50 years of people ignoring her. She took his iPhone and threw it against the wall. Online stared at it for quite some time …

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Wayward walked into the dining room, carrying his electric guitar over his shoulder and amp in his hand. None of the other dwarves were up yet, so Wayward plugged the amp into the wall socket and hooked up his guitar. He turned it down from full volume to about halfway, trying to avoid making anyone angry, especially Grumpy. Wayward had learned not to get on his bad side. Wayward struck a few chords softly, warming his fingers up for a full-out session. He began to play some of his favorite rock songs, like Danger Zone, The Final Countdown and We Will Rock You. Wayward liked pretty much any Queen. He had gotten into several arguments with Doc over that one …

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