Letter: I Never Knew He Was Homeless

To the Editor:

I just wanted to let you know that James Patterson’s Dec. 1 article and photographs about Alan Graves presented a very touching story. I have known Alan since he came to town. He just strolled his way through our thrift store, TLC’s, one day while he was in Claremont, and has been a regular customer ever since. He came by the other day just to say hello. In fact, we see him several times a week, and we did not have any idea he was homeless. He has purchased clothing from us and has never asked for a handout whatsoever.

I am glad to have read this story, so I can extend a hand when I see him. He is always good-natured. It saddens me that he has never said a word or asked, so I will be asking if I can help him out. He’s a good man.

It was a great story, and thank you for bringing it to us.

Lenny LeClair



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Monday, November 25, 2013

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