Letter: Note the Convoluted Logic

To the Editor:

If the people want universal access to health care, fine, but let’s not confuse that with affordable health insurance. The recent Valley News editorial (“Uncompelling Mandate,” Oct. 6) illustrates a portion of the conundrum. The paper observes that the mandate requiring individual insurance exists not only to require that young people are individually insured, but also so that, by paying an excess premium, they collectively cover the medical needs of the older population. Young people cannot afford to pay for themselves, let alone others ... so the proposed solution is even higher subsidies.

From what tree are these golden apples supposed to fall? Do people not see the convoluted reasoning going on here? What in all this lowers actual medical costs, the sustainable path to “affordable care”?

Tim Dreisbach

South Royalton


Editorial: Uncompelling Mandate

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dismal as things may be now, we have not completely given up hope that adult members of Congress eventually will gain the upper hand and do more than refight old battles when the federal government reopens. When that day arrives and attention is turned to improving the Affordable Care Act and meeting the essential goal of providing affordable health coverage …