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Letter: Imagining an Alternative Scenario

To the Editor:

The Sept. 5 letter from my good friend Betty Edson calling for alternatives to militarism sent my imagination off on a “what-if” scenario involving the largely disappointing and ineffective United Nations.

What if that organization represented (as I think it was intended) the moral force and conscience of the world’s nations and had, in the immediate aftermath of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s outrageous use of chemical weapons, mobilized civilized nations to participate in a massive rescue operation of the Syrian people? What if, instead of U.S. warships at the ready to launch missiles of destruction, the response was rescue ships from all nations arriving to offer the Syrians safe passage to the rescuing countries?

Would that sort of condemnation from a united world humiliate Assad sufficiently to deter him from repeating his terrible act against his own people? Maybe not, but it would at least be the highest expression of support for the Syrian people and a welcome alternative to a unilateral military strike.

It’s one “what if” — there must be others.

Barbara Blough



Letter: Alternatives to Militarism

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To the Editor: Our country is again considering a military attack, and against a country that has not attacked us. I cannot imagine that there is a citizen in the United States that is not appalled at the use of chemical weapons against the citizens of Syria, so I can surely understand that differing people of good will and intention …